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Hospitality Trends That Took The Industry By A Storm

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Ciboni Vaz

Hospitality Trends That Took The Industry By A Storm

Ciboni Vaz
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We can all agree that 2020 was a non-year. The one that shouldn’t exist. But what it did was give 2021 the push that was required to repair all the damage caused in the year before.

2021 saw a significant amount of changes across the hospitality industry. The COVID-19 outbreak saw hotel owners and other businesses rethink their ways in terms of safety for their employees, guests, and also when it comes to the food and beverage department.

Apart from this, there are several other trends that took the hospitality industry by storm. Let’s take a look at the 5 biggest trends in the hospitality industry in 2021

1. Everything is Digital -

You may recall that “digitized guest experiences” was on the list of favorites last year. It goes without saying that the trend towards digital and contactless services has gained new momentum in 2021.

Traditional customer-oriented services are undergoing a major makeover, thanks to the more widespread use of technology-assisted options, such as mobile registration, contactless payments, voice control and biometrics.

Consumers accustomed to unlocking their smartphones and laptops using facial recognition and fingerprints will soon expect the same convenience of logging into their hotel rooms.

Unfortunately for establishments looking to accommodate them, these upgrades can be expensive to install and maintain. Want to stay in the trend? Dig deep, research thoroughly and only then make the investment.

2. Staycations -

In contrast to trend no. 5 of the hotel industry’s “global tourism boom” last year, travel restrictions in 2020 made it easier to increase stay. Some vacationers have chosen to stay closer to home for environmental or financial reasons. 2021 has seen a significant increase in the number of vacations spent locally.

The rise of online content that promises to “create a heavenly balcony” or “a garden oasis to be proud of” is a great mark of the times we’re currently witnessing.

3. Automation and Technology -

This broad category speaks to the technological traits which have been responsible for less waiting time, outsourcing menial responsibilities to robots and use large records to optimize processes, for example. AI-powered chatbots have tested to be a customer support assistant during booking and in responding to the FAQs about the protective measures of COVID-19.

Hotel operations in common are increasingly implementing the usage of PMS and other systems for optimizing revenues, guest relationships, property, channels and reputation. Mobile, cloud-based and integral solutions are usually taken care of. Not to forget the growing significance of integrated messaging, predictive analytics, guest profiling and middleware, which seeks to attach any disparate structures.

4. Personalization -

Today’s guests have the expectation to be recognized and treated as individuals. Hotels and other businesses are going the additional mile to in-person greet their guests, whereas tools comparable to Mailchimp and Zoho have created customized e-mail marketing, accessible to the guests themselves, making certain extremely target audience-specific communications.

Adding the customer’s name to email greetings gives insight into past buying preferences, enabling hotels to tailor their offers and promotions and mechanically provide similar services to previous stays.

5. Meaningful experiences -

Travel guilt exists. Minimalism has rejuvenated the old saying, “less is more”. Travelers seek less and less glittery luxuries and wealth, preferring to spend wisely, with determination and to have a positive impact on the world. Unique experiences that make local communities meaningful are in demand, as are niche properties, adventure vacations, and relaxing retreats.

Here we have it! These were 5 of the various hospitality trends that took the industry by storm. Do come back to the Quoality Blogosphere for more insightful details and articles on hospitality industries and ancillary services.

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