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5 Trends That Could Define The Future Of The Hotel Industry

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Ciboni Vaz

5 Trends That Could Define The Future Of The Hotel Industry

Ciboni Vaz
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With great power, comes great responsibility. The hospitality industry isn’t an alien to this concept! With several changes in the decisions making and purchasing power, the future only looks brighter for the hotel industry. However, there’s constantly a new trend or a change. Only embracing these changes puts your business in the pole position for success.

So what are these changes? What can you expect these changes to be? How are these changes going to impact 2022, 2023 and beyond? Let’s discuss.

1. Sustainability -

The modern and upcoming consumers, the millennials, are most likely to support businesses that support and value the environment and sustainability issues. Businesses that work towards making an impact with their values and concern about the environment are usually preferred over businesses that don’t.

55% of global travelers opt for sustainable accommodation, but the scarcity of attractive options makes this difficult. 87% of Millennials believe business success is proportional to its impact on the world. The future of hospitality includes sourcing food from local farms, monitoring water usage and removing single-use plastic items from dining rooms and restaurants.

2. Global Destinations -

The hospitality industry is about to witness a growth in holiday destinations, the type of destinations that weren’t even considered. The call for global traveling is flourishing, demanding elite airline companies to feature greater direct flight routes to countries across. Ignoring the consequences of globalization may be adverse for your hotel’s business health.

A feasible answer for that is to have each localized control group and an oversight hub to reinforce global expansion. Besides, occasions and conferences do not need to be local. International venues are keen on greater organization sales, and attendees might be greater than inclined to journey than ever.

3. Addressing Current Demands and Trends -

Hotel bookings in the next coming years are going to be significantly high. There’s no doubt about it. Including bookings, the hotel industry is going to experience a gradual growth on the whole. Future hotel trends look overwhelmingly positive as hotels invest heavily in construction and renovation. Hotels will also experience healthy competition and take the smartest route to become customer favorites.

4. Maximizing The Usage Of Social Media -

Unfortunately, many hotels are left behind by not putting social media to its right use to promote their hotel services. Social media is not just a great marketing medium. It also helps you target a wide range of customers at the same time. This includes young people, influencers and business travelers.

In the future of hospitality, more hotels will use social media for customer service and revenue generation. This means hotels will have more opportunities to engage with your customers when they visit your social media channels.

The modern online consumer shares their travel and destination experiences on social media platforms. These social media platforms serve as a reference for people planning their vacation, searching for the best stays and discovering the exciting menus.

5. Video Marketing -

Video marketing is becoming a popular medium for hotels. In the future, hotels will be able to target 80% of guests with video engagement. Videos are a popular medium for highlighting the special features of your hotels and restaurants. Give your customers a preview of the facilities you will provide.

Using these videos, you can easily attract guests with videos of amazing cuisines and share videos of smart rooms to encourage them to visit your hotel. According to various studies, 64% of users are likely to book rooms after watching a video documentary of hotel. The future of hospitality will see hoteliers creating personalized videos and finding innovative ways to engage customers.

And that’s all we have for this blog. What do you think about these upcoming trends and how are they going to shape the future of the industry? Being updated with trends and acting on them is the best we can do to keep your business on top.

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