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Different Challenges Faced By The Hospitality Industry

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Puja Bhosale

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The unsparing of COVID-19 throughout the world is first and foremost a person’s tragedy, affecting the health of many individuals. The results of measures taken worldwide to crucial the pandemic are having a growing impact on the worldwide economy. This text aims to supply key highlights on the impact being felt by the industry thanks to factors including, but not limited to, the migratory nature of the hospitality manpower and therefore the pause on global travel, tourism, and restaurant services.

Hospitality is the fastest-growing industry in the world. In this blog, we decided to deep dive into the key challenges (and tips) to assist you to navigate your way through the industry this year.

Not all the challenges in the hospitality industry are unique, but there are many common in hospitality also as in other industries.

Common challenges for Hoteliers in the hospitality industry?

Although hospitality being a profitable business, the hoteliers shared some pain points with us;

Some of them are listed below:

  • Hiring and retaining the staff
  • Operational
  • Housekeeping
  • Change in guest expectations
  • Losing customers

Let’s explore them in details one by one:

1. Hiring and retaining the staff

Challenge: Every hotel requires quality(let’s not confuse it with Quoality😀)staff in any respect; be it administration, maintenance, kitchen, housekeeping, or front desk. Lack of skills of hospitality in the educated youths graduating from education houses is additionally proving to be a major challenge in the hotel industry.

Possible Solution: Training the new workforce daily is the only remedy available. Retaining a certified staff requires you to use some tactics. As an example, cultivating a way of belongingness (culture) and value for the team members will make them attached to their jobs and instill a sense of responsibility in their minds.


Challenge: There are endless operational challenges in the hotel industry. Starting from the reservation, attending guests, performing all front desk operations, maintaining cleanliness in hotel rooms and premises, and more. However, the hotel often fails to perform all tasks which leads to confusion and customer dissatisfaction.

Possible Solution: Apart from operations, Front-desk problems, and solutions these are connected to an integrated Hotel Management System. The faster you adopt it, the upper it’s for your property. Your operations are automated and departmental functions are synced with a Hotel Management System because it simplifies communications to an outsized extent.


Challenge: Cleanliness could be a basic requirement of each guest. In fact, you’d also ask for a clean and tidy room while you are traveling. It’s a requirement that continues to be on top all the time. A majority of hotel guests would like a room over complimentary amenities, any day. If you’re thinking that about it, an unclean and messy room is additionally a typical guest complaint. Hoteliers lean-to miss this aspect among other operations.

Possible Solution: Housekeeping challenges in hotels have to be compelled to be managed well with effective strategies and thought processes. The housekeeping process has to remember the clean and dirty rooms and constantly maintain common areas (especially post this pandemic).

4.Change in guest expectations

Challenge: Change in guest expectations is the most important problem within the hotel industry. You have witnessed that these days guests demand tons more from the hotel. Free Wi-Fi, entertainment system, special stay experience, and quick check-in check-out services. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, they will even be expecting contactless hotel services to make sure of a secure stay. Certainly, it’s quite difficult to make decisions by these demands due to resource or capital bandwidth, but it’s getting to be imperative to try to do it.

Possible Solution: So, contactless hotel services will be given the correct technology. Consider deploying a self-service guest portal that can make quick check-in check-out services, share location to your property, and even let guests request pick-up and drop-off services. Keep yourself updated with the most recent hotel industry trends. Doing which will assist you to meet the changing guest expectations in a very better way.

5.Losing customers

Challenge: Since many hotels are constantly providing attractive offers, guests tend to not be limited to one brand. Rather, they’re receptive options; especially if you fail to attach and have interaction with them personally, and deliver a memorable guest experience.

Possible Solution: Running loyalty programs are the foremost practical thanks to increasing your loyal customer base. These include offering amenities, better services, discounts, and reward points to guests against their membership. So, even though they’ve stopped using the services, you’ll be able to approach your guests and offer them deals or packages. At a similar time, don’t forget to think about implementing ways to increase repeat guests at your hotel.

Conclusion :

Having gone through the above points you will now have a better idea of which of the challenges in the hotel industry does one face. Determining those, you will work on tackling them.

If you notice, despite any hotel problems and solutions, the foremost commonly mentioned term is to decide on the correct hotel software.

If you are looking for a solution to provide a better service to your guest, we at Quoality can help you with it. Leave a comment or visit our website to request a demo with our team.

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