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Digital concierge: revolutionizing the hospitality industry 

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Kajal Makhija

Digital concierge: revolutionizing the hospitality industry 

Kajal Makhija
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Blog highlights

  • Digital concierge is a new technology that is revolutionizing the hospitality industry.
  • Digital concierge simplify the reservation process, increasing direct bookings and restaurant reservations. They effectively promote on-site services and amenities, making it easier for guests to make reservations and utilize hotel offerings.
  • Digital concierge significantly enhance the quality of service by providing instant assistance and personalized recommendations. Guests can access information, make special requests, and navigate the hotel easily through digital platforms.
  • Digital concierge can also be used to collect data about guests, which can be used to improve the customer experience.

The hospitality sector is no exception to the rule that technological advancements have a major impact on many sectors in today's fast-paced digital world. Today's guests want instantaneous solutions that will allow them to be independent. The deployment of digital concierge services is a significant innovation that has significantly altered both guest experiences and hotel management. 

With the proliferation of OTAs and other third-party booking services, a digital concierge can be an effective means of competing for direct reservations by providing an enhanced level of service. If your hotel offers higher levels of customer service and a more customized stay, potential guests will be more likely to book directly with you than through an OTA.

To meet the rising expectation for instant, personalized, and excellent service, many businesses that engage with guests are adopting digital concierge. 

This blog explores the idea of digital concierge and its revolutionary effects on the hotel business. This blog will explain what is a hotel concierge, what does a digital concierge mean, why hotels need them, digital concierge benefits, what they can do for guests, and how they work. We also cover how to identify the finest hotel concierge software, and present a list of the top 5 hotel concierge softwares out there. Read more about the Future of Digital concierge in the hotel industry and How digital concierge will improve the guest experience. 

What is a hotel concierge?

A hotel's concierge is typically an experienced employee who helps visitors with a wide range of needs, including but not limited to booking services, suggesting activities, and arranging for transportation. 

A hotel's concierge is there to help with anything from packing to checking out. Things include making spa appointments, meal bookings, or hotel transfers. Planning all modes of transportation, including porter and luggage services, recommending and emphasizing local shopping areas, and so on.

The concierge is a vital link between the hotel and the guest, and a competent concierge can mean the difference between positive and negative customer satisfaction in an era where online reviews are becoming increasingly significant.

So what's the "digital" version of a concierge?

What is digital hotel concierge?

A digital hotel concierge, or virtual concierge, is a technology-driven solution that makes use of digital platforms to offer visitors a wide variety of services and information. It is a type of customer-facing software that uses mobile devices to provide users with information such as flight times and weather conditions that a concierge would not typically know. 

It can reserve a table at a restaurant, send flowers to a guest's room, and coordinate an event, just as a traditional concierge would. The implementation of this service has resulted in a decrease in visitor turnover, an increase in return on investment, and an increase in guest loyalty.

Although digital concierge services are available in a variety of other areas (hospitals, airports, shopping malls, etc.), hotel-specific digital concierge offer features that are tailored to the requirements of hotel guests. The only two examples of digital concierge services found in hotels are hotel applications and in-room televisions.

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Importance of digital hotel concierge? 

A digital concierge has the potential to increase a hotel's profitability, improve the visitor experience, and reduce administrative burdens via automation and personalized interactions. 

Here are a few importance of digital hotel concierge:

Contactless experience

Hoteliers were already exploring methods to make their properties more contactless in order to improve security, convenience, and personalization. The outbreak of the epidemic provided the ideal setting for the introduction of digital concierge. While minimizing physical contact, these AI-enabled solutions can still provide exceptional customer service.

Strengthen customer relationship 

In addition to traditional concierge tasks such as restaurant recommendations, digital concierge can also strengthen consumer relationships. Using predictive data mining, sophisticated apps can upsell consumers at optimal times with relevant offers. This customized approach improves the visitor experience and boosts customer satisfaction.

Time and cost savings

With appropriate maintenance, digital concierge automate hotel tasks, resulting in time and cost savings. Hotels should plan to implement a digital concierge, especially if guests frequently request specific services or information. Automation reduces administrative burdens, enabling employees to concentrate on providing exceptional service.

Improved guest experience

The digital concierge significantly improves the quality of service provided to visitors. For example, late arrivals are able to check in without concern. Guests can also make special requests, such as an early brunch, by tapping their devices. Digital concierge can also assist hotel visitors in locating their rooms or any other hotel destination.

Boost bookings and services

By streamlining the reservation process, digital concierge can increase hotel bookings and restaurant reservations. In addition, these concierge can effectively promote on-site services and amenities, making it simpler for guests to reserve them. Guests are more likely to utilize these services if the reservation procedure is simplified.

Benefits of digital concierge?

benefits of a digital concierge

A digital concierge benefits the hospitality industry by streamlining the consumer journey from pre-booking to post-stay. 

Upselling and local expenditures 

According to Hotel Tech Report, unlike resort fees, upsell offers do not annoy hotel visitors. You will not increase sales at the expense of customer satisfaction. Guests report that pertinent offers made during their stay actually enhance their stay. In this regard, digital concierge outperform conventional methods such as email and signage by making opportune and personalized offers.

Hyper-targeted advertising 

The long-term impact of an AI-powered digital concierge extends well beyond the duration of a guest's stay. The system's collected data can be used to create more accurate visitor personas, which can then be leveraged for customized offers. Marketing teams can construct hyper-relevant, real-time messages and campaigns with this information. And, as every marketer is aware, accurate personalization optimizes ad spend and increases conversion success.

Enhance online standing 

A digital concierge provides faster problem resolution and communication of guest requirements. In fact, with digital concierge checking in on guests during their stay, it is likely that you will learn of any issues while the guests are still on the property. You have the benefit of keeping everything within the confines of private communication channels, giving the staff sufficient time to resolve the issue and assuage concerns before the complaint becomes public.

Boost sales conversion 

The sales team spends a significant amount of time verifying booking dates, arranging activities, and communicating decision-relevant information. Digital concierge facilitate the expeditious processing of online purchases by quickly delivering information pertinent to purchase decisions.

Time saving for guests and staff

One of the greatest advantages of installing digital concierge system on your hotel computers and lobby tablets is that it reduces front desk inquiries, thereby saving time for both guests and staff. With a digital concierge, staff can spend less time answering guests' basic inquiries and more time focusing on providing superior customer service.

Reduces expenses

Since visitors can book their services through the digital concierge, staff will make fewer mistakes when taking manual phone or in-person bookings. Local restaurants and attractions could also benefit from a hotel affiliate program.

Improves guest experience

A digital concierge also enhances the guest experience by providing a convenient method for guests to obtain information about the hotel's services and amenities.

Guests can easily access information on nearby attractions, dining options, and transportation without having to navigate through multiple website sections or ask a member of staff.

Save on human resources

One of the most significant advantages of a virtual concierge is the ability to save on human resources. You provide visitors with the resources they need to educate themselves and assist themselves, rather than relying on staff assistance. In addition, visitors can receive immediate directions and set their own alarm clocks. As a result, staff can concentrate on offering top-notch service and assisting customers with problems that this kind of software cannot solve. 

Enhance client loyalty

There is nothing more frustrating for a visitor than having to wait in a lengthy line to ask a straightforward question. Herein lies the role of the digital concierge. Simple inquiries can be answered with a single click or through immediate messages sent to the user's mobile application. The ability to quickly resolve issues improves customer satisfaction by making them feel assisted and given a personalized experience

Helping visitors more effectively

Virtual concierge also enable you to assist guests in a more efficient manner, as uncomplicated issues can be resolved via their smartphones. They are able to enhance their rooms, request a wake-up call, make their own reservations for amenities like spa services, and even request a table at the hotel restaurant. 

Furthermore, in terms of efficiency, it is indisputable that digital is quicker. In addition to check-ins and check-outs, digital concierge can readily assist guests with their extensive database. 

Marketing of commodities

One of the most notable advantages of a virtual concierge is the ability to subtly promote and cross-sell services. The inquisitive visitor will explore the virtual concierge and discover that they can easily reserve amenities and a table at the hotel's restaurant using the assistant. 

No delays

With a digital concierge, you can promote services directly to guests via the app, whereas your staff may neglect to suggest other services upon check-in. This is similar to a complimentary advertising channel. You can also highlight local attractions and businesses with which you have a partnership and enable bookings through the app, thereby facilitating the management of commissions from local partners. 

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Features of hotel digital concierge

feature of digital concierge

Clear, trackable interactions with guests 

A digital concierge offers managers a single thread of conversation for each visitor. When your guest's journey is no longer a mystery of channels and blanks, you can mine and analyze a wealth of insights. Consider the implications for your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Beyond keyword triggered responses 

Intelligent digital concierge comprehend the context of each visitor's request. The responses are more personalized than 'keyword-triggered' automated systems, which are limited to providing only generic information.

Can chat in more languages

Occasionally, guests have a strong preference for communicating in their native tongue. Or are pleased when you speak their native tongue. With digital concierge, changing languages to communicate with visitors is simple. Your staff can also communicate in Spanish, French, and Chinese.

Rapid response and quicker service 

Digital concierge assist hotels and other resorts in managing customer relationships from the moment a guest books a room to the moment they pay their bill and beyond. In hotels and resorts, digital concierge play a crucial role in enhancing customer service and the overall visitor experience. Using technology, they are able to respond quickly and provide faster service throughout the entire guest voyage, from booking to check-out. 

AI-powered smart assistance 

Using AI, digital concierge provide visitors with contextual and conversational assistance. Guests have just arrived at your hotel and realize they need an extra set of towels. They need only transmit a text message from their own mobile devices to the digital concierge, who will respond immediately to confirm the requested number of towels and notify housekeeping to deliver them.

Complements staff

While the introduction of digital concierge may cause some concern about staff turnover at first, It's necessary to remember that their primary function is to increase and improve the work of existing employees, not to replace them.

Quite the opposite

Digital concierge assist employees in working more effectively than ever before. By freeing up their time to concentrate on complex tasks that require human attention, the productivity of hospitality staff increases as they perform more value-driven tasks.

Talks like a genuine person 

Digital concierge can also immediately forward complex requests to staff. Then, your team member simply continues the conversation — a seamless conversation from the guest's perspective.

Coordinates across departments

A digital concierge provides transparency into past visitor interactions and requests. The staff can utilize shared calendars, reminders, and internal notes to coordinate various visitor requests across housekeeping, loyalty membership, catering, and other teams.

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Things to consider when implementing digital concierge in your hotel

Digital concierge are an excellent option if you want to provide your guests with a comfortable, independent, and luxurious stay. Although digital concierge provide cutting-edge tools for improving the hotel guest experience, it's crucial to remember that not all services are equivalent.

Let's take a look at everything you need to know before you buy a digital concierge.

Pricing model

It's possible that the quantity of services a digital concierge service offers affects its price. Before deciding on a pricing model for a digital concierge, you should have a solid grasp of your company's current standing and projected growth.

Constant update and customization

Digital concierge services should provide constant updates in response to market trends and facilitate customization based on hotel preferences in order to provide an exceptional and personalized experience. For instance, users can add hotel amenities and receive recommendations for nearby attractions. By integrating these features, the digital concierge system can provide a customized experience that meets specific hotel requirements.

PMS integration 

To be useful, digital concierge need to integrate easily with other software. This includes property management systems, customer relationship management software, and payment processing systems. Integrating digital concierge into pre existing systems also allows for more precise data tracking. This allows for real-time analysis of data, which is invaluable to managers in preventing problems caused by data silos.

Safety and regulations 

Data security and regulatory regulations should be in place for digital concierge services to protect guests' personal information and preferences. All necessary operating certifications and adherence to industry norms must be taken into account.

Analytics and reporting 

Through the use of digital concierge, hotels are able to learn more about their guests' stays and preferences, which in turn might affect future dealings. The most effective digital concierge compile data on hotel operations and visitor habits in one place. A spike in margarita sales in May, for instance, could provide useful information for planning a greater Cinco de Mayo celebration in the future.

The pay

The higher the hotel's consumption of the service, the greater the cost. However, this might be difficult to plan for and lead to volatility during peak tourist times. Feature-based pricing allows customers to pay only for the features they really use. Those working in the hospitality industry can zero in on the "sweet" aspects without worrying about overspending on extras that may never get used.

24/7 support

Does the digital assistant come with any kind of online support or personal help? Investors in the hospitality industry should make an effort to stop any revenue loss that may result from unanticipated service outages.

Future of digital concierge in the hotel industry

Guests will increasingly expect some form of digital interaction during their stay as a result of the proliferation of digital technology and the rise of digitally knowledgeable consumers. Creating a strong digital visitor experience for Millennial travelers can facilitate a seamless, convenient stay. Millennial travelers' spending power continues to rise, and a strong digital guest experience can help facilitate a seamless, convenient stay.

Hotel digital concierge are an integral part of the contemporary travel experience. In addition to providing visitors with easy access to information and assistance, they have the potential to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

From personalized suggestions and time-saving convenience to the ability to make reservations and buy tickets, these digital tools have the potential to significantly improve the passenger experience. Despite the fact that hotels will need to make their digital concierge easy to use and full of up-to-date information, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. 

Digital concierge are used for a variety of purposes, but brand loyalty and repeat reservations are the primary reasons for employing one. It can also help visitors take control of their hotel experience, ensuring that they get what they want out of their stay and are motivated to return. 

How will digital concierge improve the guest experience?

Convenience and accessibility

Digital concierge services provide assistance around the clock, ensuring that visitors can access information, make requests, and seek recommendations at any time, thereby enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Personalized recommendations

By leveraging visitor data and preferences, digital concierge services can provide personalized recommendations for dining, local attractions, and activities, tailoring the guest experience to individual tastes and preferences.

Seamless communication

Digital concierge platforms facilitate seamless communication between guests and hotel personnel, allowing for the swift and efficient resolution of questions, requests, or problems, resulting in a more pleasant and stress-free stay.

Real-time updates

Digital concierge services keep guests up-to-date with real-time updates on hotel amenities, events, promotions, and local activities, ensuring that they remain informed and make the most of their stay.

Streamlined service requests

Guests can use digital concierge services to request services such as room service, housekeeping, and transportation, thereby eradicating the need for traditional phone calls and streamlining the guest experience.

Self-service capabilities

Digital concierge platforms provide visitors with self-service capabilities, including online check-in and check-out, mobile key access, and digital payment options, thereby reducing wait times and enhancing convenience.

Enhanced guest engagement

With interactive maps, virtual tours, and multimedia content, digital concierge services engage guests more deeply by providing immersive experiences and assisting them in discovering and exploring the surrounding area.

6 Digital concierge software 

Here are some of the best digital concierge apps available on the market:

Quoality: Empowering future-ready hotels 

Quoality is a digital concierge software that concentrates on empowering hotels that are prepared for the future. It offers tools and solutions to improve the visitor experience, operational efficiency, and revenue. 

HiJiffy: Best digital concierge for the hospitality and travel industry

HiJiffy was developed specifically for the hospitality and travel industries. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance visitor engagement and communication. With HiJiffy, hotels and other lodging providers can offer seamless guest support via multiple digital channels, such as chatbots, messaging applications, and social media platforms.

Mews: Best digital concierge for group and independent hotels and hostels

Mews is a digital concierge software that is renowned for its efficiency in servicing group and independent hotels as well as hostels. It provides a variety of features and solutions designed to improve the visitor experience, streamline operations, and optimize revenue management.

Posh Technologies: Best digital concierge for the financial services industry

Posh Technologies focuses on providing services to the financial services industry. Although not traditional digital concierge software, Posh Technologies provides innovative customer experience-enhancing solutions to financial institutions.

Disney Genie: Best digital concierge for well, Disneyland

Disney developed Disney Genie, a digital concierge service, specifically for Disneyland guests. It provides visitors with real-time information on attractions, entertainment options, wait periods, and recommendations to maximize their experience.

Roller: Best digital concierge for leisure and attractions venues

Roller provides a comprehensive platform for managing ticketing, reservations, and guest experiences. ROLLER's features include online ticket sales, visitor relationship management, and operational tools that facilitate operations simplification and revenue growth.


Having the best digital concierge is a win-win situation for everyone. Customers appreciate the enhanced service and the reduced burden on employees, who can now devote their attention to the more difficult requests. Ultimately, your hotel's bottom line will benefit from a more open dialogue with and appreciation of its patrons.

The hospitality business can profit from using a digital concierge since it streamlines the customer experience from the time of booking to the time of checkout. Guests may have their questions answered, their reservations confirmed, and any issues that are preventing them from making a reservation discussed in real time with hotel staff thanks to this technologically optimized tool. 

Are you ready to upgrade your service to guests by implementing a digital concierge?

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