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Digital Technologies Enhancing Hotel Guest Experience

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Ciboni Vaz

Digital Technologies Enhancing Hotel Guest Experience

Ciboni Vaz
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In the highly competitive and lucrative travel and hospitality industry, with technology and innovation changing by the passing minute, the way travelers search and book hotels is changing dramatically as new and disruptive digital technologies emerge. with hotels. Guests are no longer satisfied with picking up the phone or booking directly online; They want quick and convenient access to advice before, during and after their stay.

In today’s technological world, travelers are drawn to the unique and diverse experiences offered by new-age disruptors like Airbnb. On the other hand, hoteliers have started to respond to these types of experiences by integrating intelligent technology into hotel rooms and services, thereby differentiating and offering more interactive and rejuvenating experiences. Digital disruption is helping hotels connect more closely with customers.

In today’s time, Cognitive & interactive technology like AI, bots and VR etc. are the destiny in streamlining commercial enterprise operations and developing greater personalized patron experiences. Let’s deep dive into this further.

1. Hotel Concierge Powered By AI

Some of the main hotels have already deployed AI-powered concierges. For e.g. Hilton’s Connie! This bipedal robot interacts with guests that are checking in the hotel making use of the computing strength of IBM’s Watson AI and tour database WayBlazer.

Connie advises guests on nearby sights and thrilling sites. If you had stayed at Radisson Blu motels, the possibilities are much less which you didn’t meet ‘Edward’. Edward, the robot can offer you facts on nearby bars, eating places and help tackle any grievances.

2. Smart Room Tech

Sooner or later, this smart-room technology era will become mainstream in hotels. Imagine a clever, hyper-personalized hotel rooms, in which the room knows, offers and delivers your wishes proactively. A standard example could be Hilton’s smart room technology.

The hotel permits participants to seamlessly manage the room lighting, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, TC etc. Marriott has additionally been experimenting with comparable tech that anticipates and personalizes guests’ wishes. They have piloted the position of those voice assistants of their hotel rooms.

3. Interactive Chatbots

Hotelier passes a step in addition by allowing individuals accrue loyalty factors by letting them order meals thru the app. Hotels are actually implementing the usage of chatbots for reservations. For example, Holiday Inn Osaka Nanba’s Artificial Intelligence concierge chatbot enables in accomplishing tasks together with reserving eating places and recommending activities.

As a testimony, Hexaware additionally has created a chatbot prototype that may be used to book a room and help in any manner the visitor wants. This platform will assist in augmenting visitor satisfaction, through offering accommodations, and the possibility to take benefit of each suggestion, concern, praise and request from guests.

4. World Of Virtual Reality

Hotels are finding the grips in harnessing VR as an advertising and marketing tool, turning in scintillating and stimulating more than one feel revel in withinside the process. Instead of surfing via pictures, studying brochures, websites, clients can revel in the motel earlier than they go to it. This doubtlessly permits clients to revel in a digital pastime of room, in a motel.

Also, this will be prolonged to in the course of the stay, to assist clients to revel inclose by attractions, including to the revel in. Right from exploring the coral reefs & seashore perspectives of Bahamas to the rooftop of Jokhand temple in Lhasa, revolutionary games like Hilton motels, Shangri-La motels were leveraging technology like Samsung Gear VR headsets in their offices

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