Essential Backpacking Tips for Hostels.

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Ciboni Vaz

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Backpacking can be super overwhelming and could very well be a huge task. Whether you’re doing your research or your friends are putting their two cents in, your first big trip comes with loads of tips and advice. But what has worked in the past for them may not exactly work out for you.

There are plenty of guides around the internet that provide you with tips but guess what…they’re all the same, stating the obvious. But not here! Want some proper advice on how to pack? Here are a few but absolutely essential backpacking tips for adventures and hostel stays.

1. Pack all your medication -

Traveling can make you feel invincible. Apologies for being the one to burst your bubble, but you’re far from it. You will get sick, and when you do, you can reach for your bag and take any medicine, it will be much easier than trying to locate the nearest pharmacy, drag yourself out of bed and learn. and correctly pronounce the Spanish word for “throat lozenge”. Bring a variety of basic medicines that you trust to treat any illness. Even if you don’t use it, it’s better to be safe than sick.

2. Don’t be a tourist -

Unfortunately, some people like to blame travelers because we are easy targets, especially thieves. These people can spot a tourist a mile and a half away, so it’s always a good idea to try and blend in with the locals.

This means you need to use Maps on your phone and not a giant paper map. No fanny packs or pouches visible; if you really have to wear one, hide it under your clothes. Don’t bring a backpack that looks packed to survive an apocalypse just to walk around town for a day. At the end of the day, you are a tourist and you should always give him a hug, but not making it so obvious could get you into trouble.

3. Leave your wardrobe at home! -

Everyone would love to have the chance to choose between their beautiful casual, semi-casual, semi-casual, super beautiful not very casual and not cute but a little casual shoes but when you are on the go wearing it all is a nightmare. Less is more and simplicity is more when it comes to packing your wardrobe. Bring versatile clothes that can go with anything.

Basic tops, jeans and anything black will be your best friends. You’ll have limited space, so don’t bring anything you can only wear once. Try to bring clothes that you can wear multiple times and that are suitable for a variety of occasions and you will achieve that eternal balance of fashion and function. Are you staying in a youth hostel? Obviously, you are!

4. Carry spare bags -

There is nothing worse than having a wet towel or wet clothes lying around in your suitcase (or, you know, looking for some undergarments and pulling on a pair that may have been used before. Yeah, yuck, right? To separate and store your wet or dirty clothes to keep them away from clean clothes while you travel? Hello, plastic bags to the rescue. Have a few plastic bags. They take up minimal space, have multiple uses and are always a practical addition to any suitcase.

5. Neatly arrange your clothes -

Many minimalists have tried and failed to stop randomly stacking things on your travels. It is almost inevitable that you will collect more clothes, souvenirs and memorabilia that will take up space in your luggage.

One of the best tips for saving space is to roll up your clothes so that they are more compact and they look wrinkle-free and fabulous. They can also be wrapped around your valuables to protect them, like souvenir shot glasses or that precious bottle of vodka you fed along the way. You can never be too careful when it comes to protection.

And there you have it! Here are a few backpacking tips for you. to help you on your adventures and hostel stays. Have a light and super smooth adventure and stay in the hostels.

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