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FRRO form integration with Quoality. A unified contactless check-in for Indians and foreigners

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Vikas Chandra

FRRO form integration with Quoality. A unified contactless check-in for Indians and foreigners

Vikas Chandra
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No one likes to wait in line. A study completed by Cornell’s Center for Hospitality Research states that guest on average has a 6-minute “breaking point”. Based on two years of data with guests from eight different countries, it was found that exceeding the “breaking point” wait, results in a 47% decrease in guest satisfaction! That’s why there’s a saying, 1st impression is the last impression. And it’s even more important in the hospitality sector.

Hotels deal with high volumes of customers at peak times like check-in and checkouts. A long wait for hotel check-in can be painful for guests arriving after a grueling day of travel and naturally has an extremely negative impact on guest satisfaction scores. With Quoality’s cutting-edge solution, hotels can now finish the web check-in and FRRO Form C within seconds and effortlessly, making check-in a delightful and stress-free experience for the guests.

What is wrong with the current way of filling up Indian FRRO Form-C?

The current way of checking into hotels is predominantly manual because guests have to fill out paper forms followed by staff filling the same details into the property management system(PMS). This is slow and prone to mistakes, resulting in bad data. This problem elevates even more when it comes to checking in foreign guests and complying with FRRO compliance. The FRRO C Form format causes problems for both the guest (such as being foreign and not understanding the form) and the hotel (such as staff having to correct errors). Quoality solves these problems by offering a simple and optimized digital check-in alternative that doesn't require guests to fill out forms physically. And automatically checks in guests on the FRRO portal on the day of their check-in. This helps both guests and hotels save time and avoid mistakes by filling up the FRRO online form.

An example from another industry that has already implemented a similar solution is the e-visa process for travelers. The e-visa system has revolutionized the way travelers apply for visas, making the process faster, easier, and more efficient. Similarly, the FRRO online C Form integration with Quoality streamlines the hotel check-in process and provides a seamless experience for guests, and improves operational efficiency for the hoteliers as well. 

How FRRO Integration with Quoality can Revolutionize the Guest & Staff Experience?

This integration can potentially transform the check-in process for guests as well as hotels. With Quoality integration with FRRO, the moment your guests check in to your hotel, Quoality will submit the Form C data on the FRRO portal and notify you. Also, hoteliers can access all the submitted details under the check-in tab for future references and compliances. Everything works in real-time without any human intervention. Further, it secures guests' information and reduces the risk of data breaches and errors leading to non-complaince. The whole experience is contactless, which is especially crucial in these times of heightened concern for hygiene and safety. And ensures the security of guests' data by storing it securely, avoiding any potential data breaches, and protecting their privacy.

The integration of the FRRO with Quoality streamlines the check-in process and makes it smoother for guests. This improved efficiency can boost hotel operations, leading to higher customer satisfaction, positive reviews, and increased revenue. The unified Form also enhances the guest experience by eliminating the need for paper forms and waiting in lines.

This also brings significant time savings for hotels as the check-in process is now automated, freeing up resources for providing top-notch service to guests. The data captured by the unified Form is also valuable for hotels as it helps understand their guests' needs and preferences, allowing them to tailor their offerings.

How to get started with unified check-in on Quoality?

The process is simple and takes under 10min to set up & get started.

  1. Signup on Quoality
  2. Add basic details about your property, like property name, PMS, etc
  3. Go to the Check-in tab and enable unified check-in
  4. If you are using a PMS which is pre-integrated with Quoality, then you are good to go. Quoality will automatically start engaging with your guests via a secure link requesting them to complete check-in
  5. If your PMS is not pre-integrated with Quoality, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Just go to Add guest tab and add basic guest details and we’ll take care of the rest.

The Results

  1. Speedy Check-Ins: On average existing form take about 15-20 min for guest to fill in and also requires them to print multiple documents like ID proof, photograph, visa, etc. With Quoality unified form it takes on an average of 8 minutes, to fill the form. 
  2. Quick Adoption: We saw more than 65% of foreign travelers filling out the unified check-in form before even reaching the hotel. 
  3. Better Compliance: We saw that most of the hotels forget to comply with FRRPO guidelines due to staff shortages and overburdened staff. With Quoality we saw 95% compliance across the hotels.
  4. Time Savings for Hotels: For hoteliers, it takes an average of 15 min to fill a single form on the FRRO portal. With automation, the hoteliers & staff can use this time to focus on providing exceptional service to guests, instead of spending time on administrative tasks.
  5. Tailored Offerings: The data captured by the FRRO online C Form helps hotels better understand their guests' needs and preferences, enabling them to tailor their offerings accordingly & upsell their services.
  6. Contactless and Safe: The FRRO integration with Quoality offers a contactless check-in process, giving peace of mind to guests during their travels.
  7. Enhanced Guest Experience: We saw a 70% lift in guest satisfaction during the check-in process with a unified check form as it eliminates the need for guests to fill out paper forms and wait in line, enhancing their overall experience. 

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To Conclude

In conclusion, the FRRO Form integration with Quoality is a game-changer for the hospitality industry. With its user-friendly interface, contactless check-in, and secure data storage, the Quoality Unified checkin provides a hassle-free and efficient solution for guests and hotels alike. The integration has resulted in significant time savings, improved operations, and increased hotel revenue. If you want to improve your hotel's check-in process for Indians as well as foreigners, we recommend you try the optimal solution by Quoality today. We are providing the first 10 submissions every month for FREE.

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