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Guide to guest greetings: Scripts for hotel staff

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Kajal Makhija

Guide to guest greetings: Scripts for hotel staff

Kajal Makhija
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In continuation of our previous blog on the topic of 13 ways to guest greetings we are releasing this blog with more detailed information on guest greetings. 

The first impression is important, and how you welcome guests upon their arrival is crucial. 

According to Esteban Kolsky, 72% of customers will tell six or more others about a favourable experience. If a customer is dissatisfied, 13% of them will tell 15 or more others about their bad experience.

Make an effort to really connect with guests as soon as they arrive at your hotel by giving them a warm and welcoming greeting. It's a chance to engage with individuals, which may lead to fantastic outcomes and a personal link, and a discussion starter that helps break down barriers caused by the unknown.

The simplest ways to make a visitor feel welcome is to flash a friendly expression, aid them, and acknowledge their presence while continuing to work. A guest's stay will go more smoothly if the staff takes the time to get to know them, anticipates their needs, and spends effort on welcoming and greeting the guest.

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How guest greetings can enhance guests' experiences? 

hotel guest greetings

First impressions 

The saying "first impressions matter" is true in the hospitality industry. Guests are made to feel welcome and cherished when they are greeted with a kind and warm hotel greeting that establishes a positive tone from the time they arrive. This upbeat beginning has the potential to affect how they feel about the rest of the event.


A sense of familiarity and personalisation is created when the staff is able to address customers by name, which is made possible through the use of hotel technology solutions. The establishment demonstrates that it values its customers by providing them with an experience that is unique to them and shows that they are respected.

Comfort and ease

A warm hotel greeting can help put a person at ease and alleviate any discomfort or nervousness they may be experiencing as a result of being in a new place. They are able to unwind and take pleasure in their experience since it makes them feel less anxious and more at ease.


When guests are greeted, the front desk personnel have the opportunity to ask questions about the guests' requirements and preferences. This opens the door for guests to ask questions, seek assistance, or request any unique requirements they may have, resulting in an experience that is more suited to their needs and accommodating to their requests.

Positive atmosphere 

The establishment maintains a positive environment as a result of the kind and sincere hotel greetings offered to customers. It has the potential to produce an engaging atmosphere that encourages people to remain at the establishment for longer, spend more money, and come back in the future.

Brand perception 

Consistent and memorable hotel greetings contribute to the overall perception of a brand. Customers are more likely to remember and recommend a business that makes them feel important and welcome.

Sensitivity to culture

In situations with a wide range of different cultures, using the right welcome can show that you appreciate the traditions and origins of your guests. This awareness of different cultures has the potential to develop goodwill and understanding between the employees and the guests.

Loyalty of customers

If a consumer has a pleasant experience when they are greeted, this might lead to enhanced customer loyalty. When guests leave an establishment with the impression that they have been sincerely valued, they are more likely to become repeat customers and may even recommend the business to their own friends and family.

Resolution of conflict 

In the event that there are any problems or complaints, having a solid foundation might make it simpler to address conflicts and find solutions that are to everyone's satisfaction. When guests feel as though their opinions are being heard and valued, they are more willing to voice any problems they may have.

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How can technology play a role in guest greetings?

The expectations of guests in terms of technology are evolving. You can also opt for a digital welcome note for hotel guests for a personalised effort. It is imperative for hoteliers to be aware of these trends and make adjustments to their hotel's IT stack as needed.

  • Keeping up with technological advancements is preferable to playing catch-up later.
  • Providing a modern guest experience can lead to better ratings, more customers, and increased revenue.
  • Lagging hotels risk losing customers as their services may seem outdated and unappealing.
  • Adopting cutting-edge technology may be challenging for hotels, as several changes will be required all at once.
  • The shift to innovative technology can cause problems in regular operations, negatively impacting customers.
  • Investing in guest experience management technology is essential for meeting the ever-evolving standards of today's discerning tourists.
  • Travelers' wants and needs will continue to evolve in response to cultural norms, emerging technologies, and global events.
  • Hoteliers must adapt their approach over time to continue to impress and satisfy their guests.

7 scripts to follow for hotel guest greetings

hotel welcome script

You can greet and welcome the guest in many unique ways. You can have a speech for welcoming guests or a hotel welcome letter and use a welcome note for hotel guests. Below are some of the most polite and easy phrases for welcoming guests:

Standard guest greeting script

"Good [morning/afternoon/evening] and welcome to [Hotel Name]. How can I help you today?

Warm reception script

"Welcome to [Hotel Name]. We are thrilled to have you with us. Is there anything in particular with which you need assistance?"

Guest greetings on arrival script

"Welcome to [Hotel Name]. We hope your voyage was enjoyable. Please feel free to pose any questions or request any information.

Script for returning guest

"Hello [Guest Name], welcome back to [Hotel Name]!" It is a delight to have you back among us. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to enhance your stay."

Guest greetings for check-in script

"Good [morning/afternoon/evening], we appreciate your selection of [Hotel Name]. Please provide your name and reservation information.

Check-out greeting script

"We hope you enjoyed your stay at [Hotel Name]. We wish you safe travels and look forward to your return."

Guest greeting script from the concierge 

"Welcome to [Hotel Name]. I'm [Concierge Name], and I'm here to assist you with any reservations, recommendations, or arrangements you may require during your stay.

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Guests' impressions of your hotel will hinge on this initial interaction, so treat each guest with respect and make extra efforts on greeting guests at the hotel. You should begin by locating a relevant contact, asking pertinent questions, or providing information that they are likely to find useful, such as the hotel's main attractions. Be polite even when you're swamped, and give customers an idea of how long they'll have to wait for assistance.

An integral aspect of delivering a first-rate hotel experience is setting and meeting reasonable expectations. A hotel's online and offline reputation might greatly benefit from staff members who go out of their way to make customers feel welcome and appreciated while greeting guests. If you want to build a loyal customer base, the first point of contact is crucial.

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