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How can hotels attract business travelers?

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Kajal Makhija

How can hotels attract business travelers?

Kajal Makhija
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Over the ages, the business traveler has undergone several changes. It refers back to the time when merchants would brave inclement weather and hostile landscapes to travel great distances along rivers, oceans, and trade routes. These days, businessmen on the road are online experts. When planning and carrying out business trips, they lean heavily on self-booking alternatives and other forms of online business travel services.

Business travel is now a thriving market thanks to the proliferation of online travel agencies, travel management platforms, travel management businesses, airlines, hotels, and other travel suppliers made possible by technological advancements in communication and transportation. Businesses make an effort to meet the demands of frequent business travelers so that their travels are more fruitful. 

The size of the global business travel market is expected to reach over $2 trillion by 2028.

Read on to see what it means to be a business traveler as well as the most distinguishing features of frequent business travelers!

Who are business travelers?

Business travel is a trip specifically taken for work purposes and doesn’t include daily commutes, leisure trips, or holidays. 

In the simplest way possible, a "business traveler" is one who travels for work purposes and fits the criteria of a business traveler. The phrase "business traveler" conjures up images of a nomadic salesperson or merchant making the rounds to various locations in search of new clientele. 

But in a broader sense, a frequent business traveler's goals can range from attending a company's event or trade show to networking with potential new clients or investors to just reinforcing links with existing clients and partners. 

These businesspeople frequently visit various local and foreign business venues in pursuit of their company's goals. The majority of business travelers are employees of the company.

While people of all ages take part in the modern business travel industry, millennials make up a sizable proportion of the corporate travel population. The expectations of Millennials, a generation that came of age concurrently with the rise of the internet, online travel agencies, self-booking tools, and cell phones, are in part shaping business travel.

Types of business travelers

Business traveller

Below are the most common types of travelers who like and prefer business travel hotels over others. 

Company meetings 

Some businesses hold retreats on an annual or more frequent basis. Team members bond at corporate retreats, and the resulting company culture is more cohesive and productive. They can also give remote teams the "face time" they need, which is especially useful for remote-first companies (some of which don't even have physical locations). 

Clients meetings

Traveling to meet with clients or potential customers may be necessary for employees or executives. Keeping good customer connections requires frequent business travel, especially to some foreign nations where face-to-face meetings and informal gatherings are valued.

Conference and event travel

Companies often send workers to conventions and other such gatherings. Seminars and workshops, as well as catered meals and social gatherings, may be available to conference attendees. These gatherings are planned to provide opportunities for professional growth and networking with colleagues and possible customers or clients.

Office tours

When a company has several locations around the country or the world, business travel is essential for maintaining unity. In order to discuss projects and company strategy, employees and management may need to visit other offices. They may also travel to different locations within the company to foster a more cohesive culture. 

Trade expos

Some sectors rely heavily on sales generated at trade fairs, also known as trade shows or trade exhibits. Companies can showcase their wares to potential customers at trade shows. They can be useful for direct marketing, spreading brand recognition, and fostering relationships with customers.

Transfers and offshore work

Long-term transfers are a far bigger commitment than a normal business trip, which only lasts a few days to a few weeks. Workers may be required to temporarily move across the country, or perhaps the globe. They may be tasked with completing a certain task, establishing a brand-new department or method of doing business, or transferring information from one site to another.

Bleisure travel

This is a different kind of travel that is bleisure travel ("business travel" + "leisure travel"). Bleisure travelers typically stay longer on business trips so they can fit in some leisure activities at business travel hotels. Since many business trips involve visits to exciting new cities or countries, it's only natural that many tourists hope to make the most of their time away from home.

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How can bookings from business travelers benefit hotels 

The business travel market is predicted to rise by 188% in 2028, notwithstanding a pause caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Hotels might reap more profits from corporate bookings than from individual ones. Demand for these types of bookings has skyrocketed over the years as hotels have realized the additional revenue they can generate from accommodating groups. 

The hotel's owners can reap the following benefits thanks to corporate bookings:

  • These reservations are the result of a single purchase decision and, in contrast to individual reservations, do not necessitate any further work on the part of each guest.
  • It provides a one-of-a-kind chance to upsell additional products and services, such as event organization, accommodation upgrades, dining experiences, and more.
  • In general, business travelers have more disposable income to spend on lodging and other trip expenses than leisure travelers. 
  • In order to maximize their time and productivity, business travelers have special needs. Investing time and energy into creating loyal business guests can pay dividends for hotels in the long run.
  • Although business travelers typically stay at hotels for shorter periods of time than vacationers, this fact does not generally translate into significantly cheaper operational expenses for accommodating business travelers. 
  • Customers are less inclined to reschedule or cancel when there are several reservations already made.
  • Because hotels and businesses often form lasting partnerships, hotels have a higher rate of repeat guests and can enhance their business traveler services.
  • The absence of full occupancy is not bothersome because business trips are planned deliberately to maximize return on investment. 

Hoteliers also gain from corporate bookings because of the increased revenue, but visitors enjoy special perks thanks to corporate group booking hotel packages.

What do business travelers want in a hotel?

hotel business traveller

Some of the best hotel chains for business travelers incorporate unique hotel business ideas and hotel advertisement ideas. Here are some of the most effective hotel business strategies and hotel business ideas that can fulfill business travelers' needs: 


Having a convenient location is still crucial. Travel managers can use the main goal of a trip to direct team members toward choosing the best hotel for work travel. In addition, being close helps boost efficiency. It reduces the time spent commuting within the city, allowing for more time in the office.

Personalized experience

Technology plays a role in this context. Brands of hotels are catering to the growing demand from international business travelers for mobile check-in and checkout. The leading hotel chains now provide guests with technology and automation that improve their entire stay. Most business travelers need and now expect these modern conveniences rather than merely enjoying them.

Fastest WiFi

If you want your travelers to have access to the quickest Wi-Fi, you need to use loyalty programs and status to your advantage. There are some of the best hotels for work travel that provide free, slower Internet connections but charge extra for (or only allow access to) higher-speed connections for VIPs or business travelers' needs.

Inroom amenitiess 

Business travelers value in-room facilities that help them work and unwind. A mini-fridge, coffee machine, iron, safe, and lots of drawer space are some examples. It is also convenient to have outlets and USB ports close to the sleeping and working areas.

Ample power outlets

These days, national and international business travelers have a lot of electronic devices that need charging. They may check into a business hotel room that requires power outlets for multiple electronic devices. And then there has to be an extra plug for the iron when it's time to press a shirt the night before wearing it.

Accessible meeting rooms 

Acquiring new customers, presenting ideas to current ones, and having other crucial talks that can't be had over the phone often necessitate business trips. That's why it's important for hotels to have easily accessible meeting rooms and conference areas to satisfy business travelers' needs.


Many people on business trips value being able to keep up with their regular workout routines by having access to a gym or other fitness center. They may easily get their workout in at the hotel's fitness center.

Fast service

No matter what a business traveler needs, the service must be quick and efficient. Within 30 minutes, room service should be at your door. Overnight services for things like dry cleaning and shoe shining are a must. Many business trips have very tight schedules, with arrival and departure in one day. Preparing a dinner or picking out an outfit for the next day requires immediate attention.

Good and innovative F&B

Business travelers who don't have the time or energy to go out to eat appreciate hotels that have dining options like a restaurant, café, or bar on the premises. Breakfast and snack options that can be grabbed quickly and are good for you are also often appreciated.

A place to uwind and relax

The best hotels for work travel provide relaxing common areas where visitors may socialize over drinks, take in a performance, or watch the sun go down. Of course, not every hotel will feature a patio or an in-pool bar like those seen at resorts. Still, it's wonderful to have a communal area where visitors can hang out when they want to get out of their business hotel rooms. Although bedrooms are intended for leisure and relaxation, staying in a business hotel room for too long can make you feel like you're hibernating. This is one of the best hotel business ideas.

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How can hotels increase corporate bookings? 

The global business travel market was worth $700 billion in 2020. 

Each individual customer has their own specific requirements. Corporate and group bookings are generally disregarded in favor of leisure tourists, who account for the vast majority of bookings. They serve a specific function and have the potential to boost the hotel's bottom line.

Let’s look into the ways to increase corporate bookings and group bookings as well: 

Understand your market and target demographic

Get acquainted with the hotel first. Determine which kinds of visitors would most enjoy using your property's many features. Amenities such as a conference room, high-speed internet, desk space, and so on are provided. Thus, businesses should be the primary focus of your marketing efforts. In addition, it's a good idea to research the market (which includes your rivals) to learn about current trends, other hotels' approaches, and so on.

Have a separate booking channel

One effective strategy is to form partnerships with other companies and traditional travel agencies. You may avoid paying a hefty commission and boost bookings by working with these people. After all, the more people you interact with, the more channels you can open.

It is possible to set up your own booking channel, accessible by corporations, travel brokers, and even private customers. The vast majority of hotels completely ignore this. But it can work miracles if done properly.

Collaborate with CVBs (or Convention and Visitors Bureaus)

A CVB is a type of destination marketing organization. Convention and visitor bureaus (CVBs) are primarily non-profit organizations that serve the hospitality and tourism industries. Therefore, it is imperative that you cooperate with them. Establish trust by informing them about your hotel and the value you bring to the hospitality sector. They will be more inclined to recommend your home if you do. In addition, the leads are provided at no additional cost.

Create effective packages

You can attract more group reservations to your resort or hotel with the help of packages and innovative business hotel deals. The more attractive your packages are, the more probable it is that guests will book with you. You should aim to please both your guests and the travel agencies that will be selling your packages. It's also important to remember that in group bookings, unlike regular bookings, accommodation rates tend to remain stable for a longer period of time. To avoid a drop in RevPAR at any time of year, it is essential that your business hotel deals be carefully selected.

Improve lead generation and management

Understanding the importance of lead management and creation is crucial if you want to acquire a large number of leads. You should begin by creating buyer personas that represent your ideal customers. Next, find out where they spend their time. Simply put, you need to take into account everything from demographics to behaviors to lead sources for more effective lead creation. Now, lead scoring is essential when discussing how to improve lead management. It's the method used to gauge a prospect's interest in purchasing your goods or services. 

Say yes to long Corporate events

A fantastic strategy to increase group bookings is to host events and conferences. Whether it's a wedding or a corporate function, this is a fantastic chance to increase your hotel's revenue and enhance business travelers' services.

For instance: a conference lasting 3–4 days can be held. And guests are more inclined to schedule their stay with you if you offer events with better discounts and innovative packages. However, there is more to it than just the total product you offer. 

Use reliable hotel management software

Even if this doesn't immediately lead to more group bookings, it's still an important factor. Get a hotel property management system (PMS) that can handle group reservations. In the world of group reservations, inconsistencies are the last thing you need. That's exactly what a hotel's PMS does for you. It acts as the hub of your hotel's operations, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from booking through checkout. Better communication and cooperation among hotel workers means a more satisfying stay for guests. The best hotels for business travelers and even other luxury hotels rely on hotel management software. 


There has been a shift in the requirements of business travelers over the past few years. However, attracting business visitors is vital because of the revenue they bring in. Business travelers need so many amenities compared to other guests that hotels can leverage this to their advantage. 

Catering to frequent business travelers generally requires an emphasis on efficiency, technology, and comfort. In addition to bringing in more of their kind through recommendations and positive reviews, these visitors will help you welcome a whole new set of customers year-round, not just during the busiest times of the year.

It is beneficial to go above and beyond the essentials to impress business guests. There are a wide variety of successful approaches you can take, such as starting a shuttle service or advertising on social media with unique hotel advertisement ideas.

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