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How Hotels Can Engage With Guests Looking For A Romantic Experience?

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Akshay Dekate

How Hotels Can Engage With Guests Looking For A Romantic Experience?

Akshay Dekate
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Valentine’s Day has just passed by us but love keeps brewing everywhere! Couples all around the world look for getaways and spend some quality time with each other. But what role does a hotel play here? Well, let’s say, a massive role!

Your hotel and the experience you offer can take their getaway to a whole new level. An stay they won’t forget! Now how do you attract couples or newly married couples and honeymoon goers to your hotels? How can you easily flatter them and sweep them off their feet?

Well here are a few tips to win their hearts!

1. A Romantic Dining Experience -

As they say, food is the way to a person’s heart. A gorgeous intimate meal is mainly at the heart of a romantic getaway! Enhance the fuzzy mood by offering a candlelight dinner beside the pool or set aside a personalized decorated table in a secluded area from your restaurant or even a warm dining experience on their balcony.

To add more, decorate tables with rose petals or any other flowers, candles or even lanterns. Remember to keep things subtle though! Going overboard could be a real mood killer. Also, for parents who are traveling with kids, offer them complimentary babysitting for the evening so they can have a quiet quality meal together.

Valentine’s Day comes once a year. Think differently! Hosting a wine tasting dinner. Excellent! Screening a romantic movie on a giant projector? Brilliant! Think outside the box!

2. Personalized Itineraries -

Every couple has a different way of spending time on their getaways. Some enjoy lazing in their beds the entire morning while others are super eager to explore the place. Enhance their stays by suggesting date night experiences and places in your destination, like theatre or concertos, dance classes, intimate cocktail bars or couples massage.

Make sure to also tell them about the best spots for romantic strolls and the best spots to watch the sunset. You can also do your bit to enhance their day trip by providing a picnic hamper with fuzzy blankets, luxury snacks and maybe, a bottle of wine! Want to add the cherry on the cake? Host a personalized tour just for the couple with the most cherished spots in your destination.

3. Couple only packages -

An attractive package might include a bouquet of flowers on arrival, an in-room dining experience with a complimentary bottle of champagne, and breakfast in bed the next day. The late check-out offer is also a nice perk, allowing couples to make the most of their time together. Also, consider adding on-site experiences. Design a package that offers a personalized cooking class with your chef or a cocktail session for two with your bartender. Better yet, poll your guests and ask them what couples-only experiences they’d like to see.

4. Special Services and Requests -

Perhaps more than anything, accommodating special requests is a surefire way to entice couples into your accommodation. Especially when it comes to guests who want to impress their significant other. For example, if a guest tells you they want to propose to you during their stay, help them create the perfect atmosphere.

For instance, offer them a car and driver to take them to and from where they want to ask the question. And sip champagne on the rocks when they come back. to a favorite show, reserve a table in an exclusive restaurant or take a tour of the best jewelry stores in your region with a personal shop? Simple gestures can also help relieve pre-proposal nervousness, like offering flowers or gifts.

5. Personalized in-room experience -

This advice is most relevant for newlyweds. After a fast-paced wedding ceremony, most couples want to quickly check into their room and enjoy some quiet time. To help them relax and continue the romantic mood, take the time to create the perfect mood in the room.

Special arrangements can include soft lighting, scented candles, Belgian chocolate by the bed and flower petals scattered on the pillow. offer a complimentary in-room massage at a time of their choosing. Keep in mind that some guests are looking for a more low-key romantic getaway, so try to set personal preferences where possible.

For example, you could offer an in-room theater experience complete with a favorite movie, a selection of snacks, gourmet popcorn, and a glass of sparkling or specially brewed cocktail.

Well that’s about it! While some hotels focus solely on Valentine’s Day, there’s a huge opportunity to attract more couples to your property throughout the year. From intimate dining experiences and romantic room decorating to tailor-made trips and thoughtful packages, the tips above will help you win the hearts of more guests at looking for beloved holidays.

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