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How QR Codes Help The Hospitality Industry

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Ciboni Vaz

How QR Codes Help The Hospitality Industry

Ciboni Vaz
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QR codes are everywhere! Those little black and white scannable patterned squares in hotels and restaurants have made list super convenient! The scannable codes have started coming in fashion especially after the COVID-19 in 2020.

Along with the rise of technology in hotels, hospitality professionals quickly identified QR codes as a cost-effective and reliable way to deliver contactless services and streamline workflows. QR codes offer your range of hotels. Beyond just streamlining your operations. If you are new to hotel QR codes or want some inspiration to get the most out of them, read the following.

1. Digital Menus -

Disinfecting or throwing out menus after each guest has become a must due to COVID19. Offer your menus digitally to save time, money and waste. It is also a safe and convenient alternative for your guests as they can access your menu on their devices. All you need is a scannable QR code that links to your restaurant, bar, room service or spa menu. It also makes it easier to update the menu. Simply upload a new PDF or edit the linked web page; the QR code remains the same. Go even further by allowing customers to order directly through your digital menu. This saves your team time and further reduces interactions.

2. Contactless Check-in -

QR codes can help you to successfully implement this service in your hotel business. Just include a code that your business is associated with the online check-in page in your booking confirmation. You can also link to a hotel app download page that travelers can use for check-in. it can also display the code in your lobby for those who spontaneously decide to register online. For the complete online check-in experience, send customers a digital key after completing the formalities. This improves their experience by eliminating waiting times at the front desk. It also allows them to keep their distance from staff and other guests.

3. Promotions Of Events and Activities! -

Add a QR code to brochures and posters the next time you promote an event, business or service. A quick scan with their device will give people instant access to a digital landing page or flyer with full details. This should include relevant information such as: Description of the event, activity or service Date and time Location Entrance cost/fees Contact details for inquiries Increase your conversions by activating bookings (and payments) directly through your landing page. the event on their calendar and create a reminder.

4. Guest Feedback -

Customer feedback is valuable in many ways, including indicating where to improve your service and can help market your property automatically. QR codes can make it a bit easier to get more valuable feedback and opinions. Leave the codes that lead to a comment form or a review page (e.TripAdvisor) in your restaurants, spas and guesthouses. This allows guests to submit comments in their free time, making the whole process easier for them. It’s easy for you too. You only need to print and distribute the QR code once. It can stay the same even if you change the notice form later.

5. Easy guest communication -

Sometimes customers need to quickly check the hotel’s phone number, address, or hours of operation. Having to search the web every time can be frustrating. But there is a simple solution. Add QR code to the keycards, magnetic keychain or your business card. It can provide easy access to your website, property details and contact details without having to search. For faster access, instead link to a hotel information sheet with key details instead of the full website. Finally, include a direct call, messaging, and route option that allows users to perform one-click action.

And that’s it! QR codes have definitely changed the hotel industry picture and here are few points to prove it! Hope this list helps you understand its use better. Also, to know more on ancillary services, revenue acceleration, etc. book a demo with [Quoality]( today or visit our site for more information.

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