How To Crack Into Potential Selling Services!

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Ciboni Vaz

How To Crack Into Potential Selling Services!

Ciboni Vaz
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Let’s start with the basic question. What are Ancillary Services?

Ancillary revenue is the revenue that a hotel earns from the sale of ancillary services. Many hoteliers underestimate the revenue potential of their properties or simply don’t know how to take advantage of them. Ancillary services can contribute about 20% of a hotel’s profits. And often, it’s not just about building a meticulous revenue management strategy but also having the right tools to implement it.

Income from ancillary services in the hotel industry has increased due to strong consumer demand. How to exploit this growth potential? How do you measure current upselling performance? How to turn services into increased revenue?

But we do! Create offers, analyze sales data, generate reports, process payments, communicate directly with customers, all with just a few clicks. And you will see your income increase every day.

1. What To Exactly Sell!

There are so many possibilities for ancillary earnings in the hotel. With the right approach, you can make money on the air. But before we dive into the tools, let’s take a look at what might be popular with guests. You’ve already invested money in your restaurant, spa, conference room and it’s time to come back. What are the other unique advantages of your property? Is it located near a wild nature reserve, surrounded by picturesque woods, organic farms or vice versa, is it in the center of the city full of life? Your hotel is more than just a room.

People are looking for experiences and you can create them and deliver them to eco-friendly tourists, families with children, clubbers or business travelers, depending on your hotel’s DNA. You must have had previous business relationships with local cleaning, recycling, catering or technical support companies, etc. So it will not be difficult to collaborate with museums, theaters, tour guides, ski rental services, theme parks, etc., get to know your guests and what may be interesting and relevant to them.

2. How To Sell? -

For some people the appetite comes with eating, they are not ready to order anything when booking a room. Others, on the other hand, prefer everything planned and pre-booked in advance, from meals to the airport shuttle. Another way to promote your great services is to offer upselling incentives, for example instead of booking a standard double room, the customer may be offered to book a double room with a lake and forest view and to receive a massage or a bottle of local wine as a gift.

Most likely, they will order a second session and another bottle. When it comes to cross-selling branded hotel products, chocolate and wine, spa cosmetics, etc., the ability to browse a digital menu with photos, information, and great prices work like this. by magic with the desire of people to buy on the spot. Tested and confirmed by the airlines, the sale of accessories, therefore, represents a significant part of the total turnover.

3. The Non Guests -

People who are not your hotel guests are a target audience for offering many of your hotel facilities. Businesses need your catered conference rooms for events, couples need your restaurant for weddings, everyone needs your gym and pool. All you have to do is market it all on social media, partner factories, everywhere. Also, QR codes, which allow people to book services and meals and pay for them in a mobile app on their smartphones, are the shortest bridge to buy.

4. Joys Of The Season! -

Romantic, adventure, family, anniversary, wedding, the more packages you have, the wider your range. In addition to a room stay, offer accessories such as champagne, flowers, chocolates, spa treatments, excursions, theme park tours, and more. the possibilities are practically endless. And a reduced price is what makes these offers irresistible. Of course, the season is also something that influences the demand for different ancillary services. It is important to use a modern and transparent system so that you can monitor all fluctuations and tailor your up-sell and cross-sell strategy to customer needs.

And that’s it! Here were few tips, some key inputs that would surely help you crack your business into huge potential ancillary selling opportunities. Hope this helps!

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