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How To Elevate Guest Experience By Focusing On The Essentials

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Ciboni Vaz

How To Elevate Guest Experience By Focusing On The Essentials

Ciboni Vaz
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“Each hotel has a unique set of circumstances and guest type based on location, so it’s really about individualizing what each hotel can do.”

Bruce Wienberg,Vice President of Operations
Best Western Hotels & Resorts

There are many improvements seen in the hotel industry. The rooms are upgraded, and the halls and exterior facades are more modern. However, with more brands, new builds and alternative accommodation options entering the market every day, a concerted effort to improve the guest experience remains crucial in today’s world. Competitive landscape of accommodation. Owners continue to grapple with how to efficiently and profitably meet the evolving needs of guests, especially given where we are in the current cycle of properties.

Hoteliers need to refocus on service. “From a financial perspective, it will be easier to improve a hotel’s service level than to undertake large-scale room renovations or modernize entire facilities. One of the main drivers of satisfaction, especially in economy and midscale hotels, is consistency. We see that brands that don’t have identical amenities or identical rooms do very well on consistency because their service is consistent.

Let’s discuss about the essentials to elevating guest experience.

1. Laying the groundwork.

Owners have a lot to gain by improving the guest experience. This definitely really builds the business case for the owner and general manager to agree to focus on improving the guest experience. At a very basic level, the guest experience begins with a simple formula: “Provide a clean, comfortable, and well-maintained room, and be personable. “It really doesn’t cost that much money. What is needed is discipline and an understanding of how to do it.

2. Measuring Guest Satisfaction.

Guest feedback is invaluable in identifying areas of strength and improvement. This feedback can take the form of conversations with staff, post-stay surveys, online reviews, or social media posts. Usually, whatever tends to get measured gets done. facts. Hotels around the world are held accountable for their quality every day based on what guests tell us in surveys. This culture drives guest experience enhancement to the highest level in history.

3. Curating The Guest Journey.

The customer journey describes the entire travel planning experience during the hotel stay and beyond. It starts with researching where to go. The next stage is booking, followed by pre-arrival communication between the hotel and the potential guest. It follows the arrival of the guest, the stay and the departure from the object. Finally, a guest can leave a review. Post-stay communication may influence guests’ decision to return, and these online reviews may influence the choice of alternative accommodation.

4. Implementing Technology.

The more pervasive the technology, the less guest satisfaction increases. Having a large flat-screen TV in a room doesn’t improve happiness, but the lack of a TV could have a negative impact. Similarly, WiFi is something a guest relies on rather than a benefit. It’s an expectation at this point.

In contrast, guests don’t anticipate that their room will come with a tablet. In fact, adding high-maintenance devices to a guest’s experience could hurt satisfaction if the technology isn’t working properly. Know your guests and what they want. It’s really about using technology to help guests stay how they want and communicate how they want to communicate.

5. Staff Empowerment.

Interactions with hotel staff are often the most memorable experiences for guests. Encourage your employees to create unforgettable moments for guests. Encourage them to let their creativity run free! Petals, foldable towel swans and surprise guests with signs, balloons and a handwritten note signed by the entire team. Such a gesture not only adds to the guest experience, but also the reputation of the hotel and the morale of the staff!

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