How to upsell at the hotel front desk

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Ciboni Vaz

How to upsell at the hotel front desk

Ciboni Vaz
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The front desk is one of the first points of interaction between the hotel guests and staff while at the hotel, and first impressions can set the tone for a guest’s entire stay. Greeting guests by their name and with a smile is a matter of course. But those who really shine in this highly consumer-oriented role can master the art of upselling guests in higher room categories.

Typically, hotels that see this as a potential revenue stream have a formal training program. During the interview, share your knowledge of the position and ask if your employer offers an additional upselling/cross-selling training program for the front desk staff.

If this is the case, the program represents an opportunity for front desk staff to improve their sales skills and for the hotel to improve its bottom line through this list of simple techniques. Let’s dive in!

1. Greet The Guests, Be Friendly!

Greet the guests that have arrived with the same friendly and hospitable attitude as always. Smiles and eye contact are essential to give guests a warm welcome at check-in and to ask open-ended questions like “How was your trip?” along with questions that show how you recognize them as unique individuals.

Reference information is included in the reservation and/or guest profile that confirms guests are honeymooning or family vacationing at the hotel and then ask them if they need any suggestions. for relevant local experiences. But remember to be equally approachable and professional because you represent the hotel as well as yourself as a professional.

2. Know Your Guest Before Making Your Move!

Be sure to carefully review the reservation and guest profile, if available, try to identify the guests most likely to upgrade. Business bookings such as Corporate bookings or bookings made at negotiated rates are probably not good prospects as your accommodation will be reimbursed to your company.

But leisure travelers, including couples on a romantic getaway, family groups, long-term travelers, anyone celebrating a special occasion, as well as those who booked through an online third-party provider such as an online travel agency (OTA) or walk-ins have additional revenue potential and often do not know the different hotel room categories. The guests can be updated upon their arrival at the property.

3. Asking The Right Questions!

Take the initial ice breaker welcome questions to the next level to better understand what guests expect from their hotel stay. This is especially important for guests who booked through a third party and may not have had the opportunity to communicate special requests directly.

Do the kids need their own TV so there’s no argument over the iPad and parents can still enjoy their favorite shows? Do couples prefer space to spread out just before checking in? Also, don’t forget to suggest to them how a particular upgraded room category might better meet their needs.

4. Know Your Hotel!

Firstly, find out everything you need to know about the different hotel room categories, including their special features and advantages. Only mention the difference in price after explaining the additional features of the room. Better yet, offer multiple options, starting with the lowest of the incremental price differences.

Don’t just mention the upgraded amenities as a statement of fact. “Executive Lounge access” should read “Your room key will also give you access to our Executive Lounge, where complimentary breakfast and evening cocktails are served.” Also, remember to check that the inventory is actually available before proposing it to the guests.

5. Be The Expert.

In addition to upselling various room categories with their upgrades, some hotels’ upselling program also extends to parking, early check-in or late check-out, room packages, in-room amenities like a bottle of wine, upgraded Wi-Fi, and even cross-selling. Possibilities such as daily breakfast or wellness offers can also be added.

Additionally, there are also hotels that offer front desk staff some sort of extra compensation or commission for upselling guests. This adds to the motivations and empowers the front desk to excel at their duties.

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