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13 Ideas to improve your hotel guest journey

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Kajal Makhija

13 Ideas to improve your hotel guest journey

Kajal Makhija
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In the fiercely competitive field of hospitality, offering a remarkable hotel guest journey experience is the secret to success. Every aspect of a guest's journey, from when they start thinking about reserving a room at your hotel to when they check out, should be thoughtfully designed to go above and beyond their expectations and leave a lasting impression.

This blog will present ten new ideas for improving your hotel's guest journey and elevating the overall guest experience. We know each guest is different and wants a tailored, personalized experience. Thus, we've created several hotel guest journey improvement ideas that cover pre-arrival, on-site, and post-stay touchpoints. By implementing these suggestions, you can design a smooth and memorable guest experience that distinguishes your hotel from competitors.

Let's explore these ideas to improve your hotel guest journey, but first, let's understand what the hotel guest journey is.


What is a guest journey? 

The hotel guest journey refers to a guest's whole experience and interactions from when they contemplate reserving a stay until they check out and beyond. It includes every interaction and phase of the guests' stay, such as pre-arrival, guest arrival, on-site experience, guest check-out, and follow-up after the visit.

The hotel guest journey is a thorough strategy for managing and improving the guest experience during their entire stay. Hotels can craft a seamless and memorable trip that surpasses guests' expectations, nurtures guest happiness and loyalty, and produces good word-of-mouth referrals by carefully curating each touchpoint and assuring excellent service delivery.


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Importance of building a digital guest journey

Hotel digital guest journey

In today's tech-savvy world, building a digital guest journey is very important. More and more guests rely on digital technology to make their travel plans and engagements with the establishments; thus, hotels must adapt to these needs and provide a seamless, personalized guest experience through various digital touchpoints. 

Digital guest journey automation software like Quoality is a convenient and efficient way of automating guest journeys. From streamlining pre-arrival messaging, and contactless check-in, guests can easily select their room preferences and complete necessary paperwork. This process helps eliminate the need for lengthy paperwork and long wait times at guest arrivals, ultimately providing a hassle-free guest experience right from the start. 

Moreover, guest journey automation enables hoteliers to gather valuable data and insights about their guests. All this data can help them develop a guest profile that you can store in a digital system. By leveraging these profiles, hotels can offer customized recommendations, targeted promotions, and tailored experiences that resonate with individual guests. This increases guest satisfaction and drives income by marketing extra services and facilities based on guest preferences and behavior.

Hotels can establish themselves as industry leaders and create enduring experiences that entice repeat business by investing in digital technology and embracing seamless digital guest journey automation.


What Are the stages of the guest journey?

The guest journey usually comprises several stages, each representing a particular phase of the guest's experience. While all these stages may vary depending on the hotel and its operations, here we have derived a few common stages of the guest journey and a few ideas to improve guest satisfaction at each of these stages:


The hotel guest journey starts way before guests arrive at your establishment. They will look for your hotels on search engines or travel sites to gather more information about the hotel. They might even look at the hotel website. Here are a few ideas you can implement at this stage to improve the hotel customer journey: 


1- Communicate before guest arrival

Getting in touch with guests before a guest arrival is a great way to interact with them and improve their experience. You can emphasize hotel amenities and services by sending well-designed booking confirmation emails, such as pick-up or parking facilities. 

A personalized message that thanks visitors for choosing your hotel and let them know about current specials and neighborhood activities can heighten their interest. 

Keeping guests informed and facilitating their travel is accomplished by messaging them the day before arrival with useful facts like a Google Maps link and contact information. Updating weather and local information also gives the communication process a thoughtful touch.

Quoality, a hotel journey automation hotel tool, allows you to streamline pre-arrival guest messaging. You can contact your guests at their preferred mode of communication and build customer trust. 

2- Offer contactless check-in

The innovative and practical method of contactless hotel check-in enables visitors to complete the check-in procedure without physically engaging with hotel personnel. Allowing visitors to check in on their mobile devices is wonderful because they don't want to stand in line after a long, exhausting journey.  

Contactless check-in has several advantages, including shorter wait times, more guest privacy, and better overall customer service. By using contactless technology, hotels can adapt to the changing needs of modern visitors and show their dedication to ensuring a secure stay. 80% of hotel visitors said they would download a hotel app so they could check in, check out, and access all the hotel's information without any hassle.

Hotels should use mobile-friendly online check-in options like Quoality Contactless Check-In, which can be set up in less than 5 minutes. 

3- Upsell pre-arrival ancillaries:

Hotels can build anticipation and allow guests to personalize their stay by presenting appealing upgrades and extra services before arrival. 

Hotels may display these alternatives in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, whether they are giving room upgrades, spa packages, dining experiences, or unique amenities. This improves the entire guest journey experience and increases the likelihood of upselling.

The user-friendly hotel upsell software from Quoality makes it simple to customize and update ancillary service offerings.

Hotels may optimize upselling prospects with the help of Quoality's hotel upsell software. The user-friendly interface makes it simple for hotels to adapt and update their auxiliary service offers per the preferences of their guests.

4- Room upgrades:

A powerful upselling opportunity, room upgrades can dramatically improve the guest journey experience and increase hotel revenue. Offering room upgrades enables guests to experience a higher category of lodging, giving them greater room, superior vistas, improved facilities, and a feeling of exclusivity.

Hotels can lead to memorable experiences for their customers by providing room upgrades. Upgraded rooms may have special amenities like private balconies, Jacuzzis, or breathtaking vistas that elevate the level of luxury and exclusivity during the guest's stay. These unique touches help to create a memorable and unforgettable experience.

Hotels can boost customer happiness and loyalty, create unique experiences, and strengthen their position in the cutthroat hospitality sector by utilizing the appealing nature of room upgrades.

5- Collect payments:

Collecting payments swiftly and effectively is critical for hotels to maintain smooth cash flow management and a seamless guest payment experience. 

Hotels can streamline and automate their payment procedures, offer guests simple and secure payment options, and effectively manage their cash flow by utilizing Quoality's hotel payment solution. The ability to customize features and integrate with other hotel systems further improves the capabilities of total payment management.

The payment solution from Quoality is made exclusively for hoteliers, guaranteeing that it satisfies the particular demands and specifications of the hospitality sector.


In stay 

A guest's stay at your hotel represents a vital point in their life cycle, during which their interactions with the property may significantly impact their satisfaction and perception. Here are some strategies to improve your hotel guests' stay experience so they have a memorable and satisfying stay:

6- Remember their preferences

Remembering their preferences can dramatically improve the hotel customer journey experience and increase satisfaction. Modern hotel management systems keep track of guest preferences, including preferred floor, newspaper, and culinary preferences.  

The technology notifies employees when guests return so they can alter plans. This enables front desk staff to address visitors by name and satisfy their particular demands, creating a memorable and tailored experience.  

These simple acts of kindness are greatly appreciated by guests and greatly influence how satisfied they are, making a lasting impression.

 7- Introduce your hotels' amenities

Offer appropriate facilities to your visitors during their stay to improve the overall guest experience. Provide conference rooms for business travelers or spa amenities for vacationers in accordance with the sort of visitor you are expecting. 

Personalized services like tours might also dazzle your guests. Prioritize timely service delivery to guarantee guest satisfaction and prevent room service delays. 

You could leave a good first impression and improve your hotel customer journey by promptly and effectively attending to their requirements.

8- Upsell in-stay ancillaries

Upselling in-stay ancillaries is the practice of providing guests with more services, accommodations, or upgrades while staying at the hotel. In addition to improving the guest journey experience, this method helps the hotel make additional revenue.

When guests check into your hotel, they could have certain requirements, preferences, or wants that can be met by upselling in-stay ancillaries. 

Give your guests the choice to upgrade their accommodation to a higher category if they want better features like better views, more space, or more amenities. This offers guests the chance to treat themselves to a more opulent experience while they are there.

Through personalized upselling, Quoality, a hotel upsell software, enables you to up your ancillary upselling game and unleash the potential for considerable revenue gain.

9- Collect in-stay feedback

A beneficial practice for hotels is gathering in-stay feedback, which enables them to learn more about their customers' needs and quickly address them. This practice helps to ensure that visitors have a great experience. 

Hotels can provide customers with a place to voice their opinions, issues, and ideas by implementing a feedback system.

Quoality's feedback system promptly alerts the hotel employees when a visitor provides feedback or lodges a complaint. This guarantees that any difficulties that require attention are sent to staff members right away, enabling them to solve the issues as soon as feasible.

Hotels can provide great guest experiences, address issues quickly, and constantly improve their services by employing the system's proactive notifications and real-time resolution capabilities. 

10- Be sustainable

Guests are more concerned about sustainability in hospitality and make decisions with the environment in mind. The guest experience could be improved by implementing sustainable practices within budget, such as recycling, waste reduction, and composting. 70% of travelers are willing to pay more for sustainable accommodations

Utilizing cutting-edge hotel management software, such as the Quoality platform, lowers paper waste and saves time by simplifying online forms, enhancing guest happiness, and removing time-consuming paperwork.

Quoality's provision of a single FRRO online form simplifies visitor registration. With this practical and time-saving method, visitors may complete the required information quickly, avoiding the stress of extensive paperwork and enhancing the hotel customer journey experience. 



Even after you check out, you are still responsible for providing the greatest hotel customer journey experience. You must make sure of a few things even before leaving the hotel to improve the hotel guest journey. Let's explore them:

11- Contactless guest check-out

Make sure your guest check-out process is as simple as your check-in one.  

Modern hotel software can help you with the guest check-out process. You can create a daily departure list and prepare their unpaid invoices based on it. 

The icing on the cake of an excellent hotel guest journey could simply be a speedy and easy check-out. Allow contactless check-out so that customers may continue with their day. 

12- Reach out for feedback

To ensure guest satisfaction, actively seeking feedback from your guests is essential. 

Encourage them to leave reviews on various platforms and take the time to respond to both positive and negative feedback. Analyzing reviews helps identify strengths and areas for improvement. Retrain staff based on suggestions and send thank-you notes, inviting guests to return.

Consider using a review management tool like Quoality to streamline the feedback process and increase the chances of receiving reviews.

13- Engage with guests' post departure

Engaging with guests post-departure fosters guest loyalty and encourages repeat visits. Stay in touch with them by sending regular newsletters, promotional emails, and personalized offers. 

Timing is important, so consider sending special offers around personal occasions like birthdays or national holidays. Be mindful not to overwhelm them with frequent emails or risk ending up in their spam folder.  

Maintaining a thoughtful and consistent post-departure communication strategy increases the chances of turning past guests into loyal customers who will choose your hotel for their future stays.

Role of technology in building an efficient hotel guest journey

hotel technology

Before Covid, despite its many advantages, most guest-facing technology was considered more of a nice-to-have than a necessity. Although it was becoming increasingly prevalent across many companies, it was rarely a USP that customers would actively seek out.

Use online check-in as an instance. In the past, it often involved installing and setting up an account for a hotel's native app or hotel tools. This frequently led to lower levels of guest adoption than most hotels would have preferred.  

Things drastically changed during the pandemic. Since face-to-face encounters were suddenly considered risky, contactless services became significantly more widespread. Most visitors started asking for and even expecting digitized hotel services at that time. 

Travelers learned to value the new tech-driven choices as more hotels offered them.  

Modern hotel management software technology like Quoality can significantly impact your hotel. It may even be the difference between your hotel succeeding and just making ends meet.  

The following are four important areas where technology can have the most significant impact: 

  • Guest Experience: By enabling guests to plan their stay, rapidly seek assistance, and be more autonomous (for example, while checking in and leaving), modern technological solutions, especially those intended to be guest-facing, may significantly improve the guest experience. 
  • Operations: Since many new customer journey hotel solutions are created expressly to automate repetitive processes, they frequently enhance efficiency. Additionally, it frees up your employees to engage in better customer service. 
  • Revenue: Providing personalized services frequently opens up new opportunities to boost auxiliary income. By incorporating technology, you can simply scale these initiatives.  
  • Security: The way guests now share their experiences on internet review sites has changed due to technology. These reviews are essential in establishing a hotel's reputation and influencing the choices of prospective visitors. To answer customer issues, demonstrate their dedication to service, and actively manage their online image, hotels may use software like Quoality to track and reply to good and negative reviews.

Hotel tools that can help to build your guest journey

From the first point of contact, through the engagement process, and into a long-term relationship, the customer journey recounts the tale of the customer's experience from beginning to end, providing us with crucial details about essential encounters along the route. 

Here are a few hotel tools that will help build your customer journey:

1. Quoality:

With Quoality, a remarkable hotel tool that alters your pre-arrival communications and guest experience, you can create the ideal hotel guest journey. As soon as a guest makes a reservation, Quoality gives you the power to assume responsibility and establish credibility. Give each guest a unique experience so you can wow them even before they get there. 

Quoality keeps you informed of your guest's opinions in real-time while they are staying there, providing a consistent and outstanding experience all the time. Easily collect customer feedback, rapidly fix issues, and provide each visitor with individualized service. Quality elevates the management of your hotel's reputation by ensuring that each visitor has a wonderful experience.

2. Duve

One of the most cutting-edge end-to-end solution for hoteliers, Duve offers visitors a comprehensive center that encompasses the whole guest journey. From pre-check-in to post-check-out, Duve offers everything customers require before, during, and after their stay at a hotel.

3. STAY Guest App

All hotel services are accessible from guests' smartphones through STAY's Guest Experience OS. Among other advantages for employees and guests alike, the hotel will shorten unpleasant lines at the front desk, streamline staff duties, and encourage customers to drink more while they are there. 



Neglecting the less evident phases of the guest journey, such as pre-arrival and post-stay, is a mistake. While preserving a high-quality guest experience, hotels should consciously work to develop the visitor journey as the consumer wants and desires change. Starting with an understanding of each of these stages and concentrating on personalization, efficiency, curation, attention, and technologies like Quoality software. 

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