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Impact Of APIs on Hotels.

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Ciboni Vaz

Impact Of APIs on Hotels.

Ciboni Vaz
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The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and these changes are mainly driven by new technological systems that seem to appear every day. There are several technologies that, if implemented, will have a tremendous impact on your hotel, but your primary concern should be whether all of these products can be connected. A technologically connected ecosystem is simple to manage and also helps optimize operational efficiencies.

Various teams come together at their hotels to orchestrate the guest experience on a daily basis. Housekeeping staff works with the front desk to ready rooms upon guests’ arrival, and the concierge works with sales to ensure all guest activities are carried out as promised. Departments need to work together to create the perfect guest experience, and that wouldn’t be possible without the ability to communicate with each other.

So why is API considered essential for your hotel business?

The API enables a collaborative system where the company and a third party can quickly build integrations and create innovative applications that add value to the core product. Using a point-of-sale platform based on an open API allows multiple companies offering different technologies to connect in one place. Using hotel operations software based on an open API allows other technologies to be integrated into your team’s operations.

What effect does API have on your hotel business?

APIs provide a way to connect systems that are different from each other drive streamlined business operations. As hotels continue to embrace and rely on technology, the use of APIs will become more diverse and important. APIs can connect many different aspects of hotel technology. By empowering businesses to make the most of every aspect of the technologies they want, hotels don’t lose the ability to connect them together.

Hotels and their operations are inherently complex machines. From multiple different departments working consistently every day to multiple different systems used to manage reservations or guest experiences. The hotel industry is unique. In recent years, many hotels have adopted new technologies to complement and support staff’s day-to-day tasks.

Reasons to streamline your hotel’s technology.

Open APIs present an even greater opportunity to add value to hoteliers. With an open API, the possibilities for connecting your hotel systems are endless. it also offers an opportunity for cost savings. An open API allows hotels to have their own team to write the integration themselves, often reducing the development costs that would normally be incurred for this type of work.

The limits of the possibilities generated by the APIs are infinite. As hotels continue to move into this new realm of technology-driven operations, the use cases and benefits of API connections and across their systems will continue to grow. Hoteliers can benefit from many APIs.

With guest expectations constantly changing and the technology that surrounds our industry constantly evolving, decisions related to transitioning to new platforms and solutions can seem overwhelming. Basically, hoteliers should look for systems that offer technological flexibility through the use of open APIs, and ultimately opt for innovative systems that deliver what they promise.

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