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Impact Of Online Reviews on Hotels

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Ciboni Vaz

Impact Of Online Reviews on Hotels

Ciboni Vaz
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Online hotel reviews have become more important than hoteliers realize. If you haven’t paid attention to managing and responding to online reviews yet, it’s time to realize that online reviews have an impact on your hotel’s overall reputation. With dozens of review sites like TripAdvisor and online travel agencies (OTAs) like Expedia, vacationers trust hotel reviews when booking accommodation. They rely on them rather than advertising and marketing efforts on your part.

The fact that 97.7% of consumers reading the online reviews of other travelers draw attention to the increase in the number of OTAs and review sites. If you’re an established hotel, there’s a good chance you’ve got a well-run website backed by solid SEO techniques. If so, if a potential customer searches for your hotel brand on Google, your website will appear in the top results. But in the absence of a suitable website, online reviews become the determining factor.

Let’s go through some ways how you can manage the reviews in order to benefit your hotel business!

1. Delivery of engaging services -

Operating a destination hotel with endless views of a breathtaking skyline may allow guests to unwind in paradise, but with exceptional customer service and attention, they will be able to relax and enjoy even more. Going the extra mile for your guest is what will encourage them to go the extra mile for you by leaving a positive review online.

On the one hand: you can use protocol systems to solve customer problems; Customers hate being traded between managers when they have a problem, so let frontline workers define and deliver solutions to customers. Another example would be adjusting standards to make sure you always exceed expectations. For example: if you agree to return a request to a potential customer within 24 hours, deliver within 12.

2. Build a strong social media community -

Your guests will have their preference to live online; So make sure your hotel is firmly anchored in each one, and you’ll increase both lead convergence and your chances of receiving an online review through a multiplatform presence. Some of the best platforms for a hotel to build an online review group include:

- Yelp

- TripAdvisor

- Facebook

- Google

- Booking .com

3. Boost user-created content -

Make sure all hotel staff are on the lookout for guests who share positive experiences and let those guests know that comments and reviews are highly appreciated. Encouraging this UGC doesn’t have to be an awkward face-to-face interaction; it can happen through flyers under the door, emails, business cards, website pop-ups, pinned social media comments, and more. Photo contests can help increase the number of user-generated photos. Remember not to entice reviews with rewards as this violates the terms of most platforms.

4. Engage with the negative reviews -

It is important to interact with all customers, whether they are former guests or potential contacts. You need to review complaints, find out about satisfaction, ask for suggestions for improvement, provide friendly service, keep your promises, exceed expectations, and provide regular content. Still, interacting with negative reviews may be the most important thing — they’ll provide space to provide resolution, justify the online review to readers, and demonstrate a willingness to improve. Customers understand that mistakes can happen and that sometimes a hotel and a guest just aren’t right for each other. So, there will always be a level of willingness to overlook the occasional negative reviews online, but they will wait and see how you respond.

5. Keep tabs on your online reputation -

In a 2021 consumer society, it should be second nature to monitor online reputation and drive convergence levels while researching competitors and considering current key metrics. sales tactics, finding marketing loopholes, and booking hotel rooms well in advance. To do this, you need a system that can report when and where your brand is mentioned in the online world. , answer questions, interact with customers and understand the needs of the target audience.

Well, that’s about it! Here are a few ways you can manage and use online reviews to your hotel’s benefit!

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