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Interesting Hotel Facts You Should Know!

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Ciboni Vaz

Interesting Hotel Facts You Should Know!

Ciboni Vaz
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The hotel industry is a world of its own! While imagining to have a time of your life by relaxing in a spotless clean bathtub, not having to make your own bed and
ordering and enjoying a meal via room service any time you want. This may sound fun and an elite-level experience at your hands but there are plenty of facts you may not be aware of.

While review sites may not offer detailed information or the main insiders about the hotel’s services and conditions, here are a few facts that may blow your mind. Make sure you’re geared and mentally prepared after reading this one!

1. The Existence Of Bed Bugs -

The little annoying bugs, who've been existing since the 11th century are one of the biggest thorns in the hotel industry. Sadly your chances of staying in a property where these bugs have been are quite high. In fact, hotels are the third-highest location for a beg bug infestation. Dealing with these critters is something you don’t usually hope to deal with.

2. Not So Clean and Cosy Whirlpools -

Whirpool in the pictures look quite relaxing and to be honest, they are! But they could be equally disgusting as well! How? Just hold your beer before you step into it and find what’s actually inside it. More than 90% of the whirlpools contained fecal-derived bacteria, over 80% of these relaxing tubs had fungi and about 30% had the staphylococcus bacteria, the ones responsible for the Staph infection. Shocking isn’t it? Still planning on stepping inside? Cheers to that!

3. The White Crystal Clear Bathtubs aren’t any different! -

Well, this list isn’t getting any better for the hotel's reputation. The bathtubs for a large group of people can only be experienced when they check into hotels. To burst your bubble, they aren’t always spic and span as one might imagine them to be. According to a lot of sources and research, the bathtub is one of the nastiest items in a hotel room and could be well brewing with bacteria

4. Expensive Hotels Don’t Always Guarantee Cleanliness -

Wondering if your grand expensive five-star deluxe suite is clean from the top to bottom? Maybe you should give it a thought again. According to several studies, it’s the big fishes in the hotel industry that pack more bacteria and impurities than the others. It’s also due to the cleaning and maintenance methods used by these properties that cause more damage than repair. Improper cleanliness techniques are the cause of major spreads across the property.

5. There’s A Reason Behind The White Sheets -

It may seem like white sheets are harder to clean after thousands of stays and people using them but make no mistake, there’s a bigger picture to see here. The white and clean sheets are present to create a halo effect where you might think that it's the room that has had a makeover but no, it’s just the bed. You’re not the first person to curl up there, thousands of people have lived there and gone.

Well, that’s about it! These were a few facts you should definitely know about hotels. Hoping this article helped in debugging a few myths and have prepared you well for your next stay!

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