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Knowing The F&B Department In The Hospitality Industry

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Ciboni Vaz

Knowing The F&B Department In The Hospitality Industry

Ciboni Vaz
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Ancillary services in hostels and hotels are the supporting block of the total hotel revenue. Generally overlooked, these services are the boosters of businesses and revenue acceleration.

With many sections of ancillary services to explore and generate revenue, let’s talk about the ancillary services of the food and beverage department in hotels and hostels.

1. Still Rooms -

Still room or pantry functions as the main source to provide items of food and beverages needed for the service meals. These are usually not catered in other major service areas in a hostel or hotel like kitchen, patisserie and bakery.

Still room makes all the cold and hot foods and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, needed for the restaurant. The aspects are supervised by a supervisor or a senior member of the food and beverage department, depending on the management policy and how well the business is going on.

2. Pantry -

Pantry’s are mainly located between the kitchen and the restaurant. They are used to keep the clean and used dirty plates and glasses, top place or stack the soiled linens, a dispense bar and also a sink for washing small items like glasses and cups.

Pantry is also used to keep food items. Healthy snacks, vegetables, canned goods, stocks and broths, meat and seafood and refrigerated basics.

3. Linen Room -

The linen room is a significant back of the house administration region in a hotel. The linen room is used to stock minimum clothes and uniform needed to satisfy the everyday requirements in order to guarantee smooth functioning. Linen is changed every day in the restaurant and it is traded one on one basis from the linen room.

4. Silver Room -

Silver room is where every one of the silverwares is put away and cleaned. It holds the total supply of all the flatware like silverware, cutlery, hollowware etc. A separate storage spot would be allotted to store various sorts of gear. It is a vital space where the silver room ought to contain space for silver cleaning.

5. Kitchen Stewarding -

Kitchen stewarding essentially controls the capacity and issue of cutlery, porcelain, hollowware, chinaware, dish sets to the diverse F and B outlets and kitchens. Kitchen managing office in hotels supplies all the clean service equipment to the waiter. This department is equally responsible for washing solid service ware and furnishing clean items.

6. Wash-up Area -

The wash-up area consists of wash sinks, dish clothes washers, a rack to keep cleaned dishes, and tables. Every one of the utensils are washed, cleaned, dried and kept there for future usage.

7. Store and Dispense Bar -

Store room is the Food and Beverage Service Areas from where the Food and Beverage administration staff gets things from. Like staple foods like groceries and stationaries that are needed for smooth running of the everyday activity of the hotels and hostels.

Dispense Bar is a kind of a bar inside the food and refreshment administration region that only dispenses certain items like wine cocktails or other alcoholic drinks, that are to be served to the guests while having their meals.

And, that’s about it! These are some of the F&B ancillary services in the hospitality industry. Hotels and Hostels can take advantage to boost their total revenue.

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