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Quality - Stay Ezee Integration

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Vikas Chandra

Quality - Stay Ezee Integration

Vikas Chandra
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In the highly competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, hotels continually strive to elevate profitability and improve the guest experience. The complexity of managing multiple tools independently poses a significant challenge in this demanding and high-velocity market. Thus, the key lies in constructing an efficient and effective technology stack. One game-changing strategy involves integrating software tools that not only streamline operations but also revolutionize the overall guest experience.

About the Stay Ezee - Quoality Integration

Prepare to embark on an illuminating journey of unparalleled excellence as we explore the integration of Stay Ezee, a remarkable cloud-based Property Management System (PMS), with Quoality, an extraordinary platform designed to generate additional revenue by improving the guest experience. Brace yourself as we unravel the advantages of this groundbreaking integration and delve deep into the intricacies of how these platforms harmoniously collaborate to amplify the guest experience, drive revenue growth, and optimize your operational efficiency.

Within the realm of the Quoality-Stay Ezee integration lies a comprehensive solution that flawlessly unifies two industry-leading hotel software platforms. Witness the symbiosis as Stay Ezee seamlessly integrates with the Quoality guest experience platform, empowering hoteliers to navigate the labyrinth of guest interactions, and ensuring unwavering consistency in guest experiences while simultaneously driving revenue growth. All of this is made possible through a unified interface, harmonizing every aspect of hotel management within a single, awe-inspiring platform.

How the Integration Works

The journey toward integration is very simple. Initiating this integration is a simple process. Merely input your Stay Ezee property code and authentication key into the Quoality platform. Embark on the following steps to commence your voyage:

  • Access the Stay Ezee application.
  • Go to Manage > Settings > API Credentials.
  • Depending on your property package, one of two scenarios shall unfold:

         1. API Access is included within your package, rejoice, for it stands ready for immediate use.

         2. In case the API Access necessitates a request or incurs an additional cost, seek the guidance of the customer success team.

  • Once done with the coveted API key and credentials, gracefully bestow them upon the Quoality settings.
  • Behold! The Integration of Real-Time Bookings and Data is ready for use.

Upon the completion of the integration, prepare to be awestruck as Quoality, in its infinite wisdom, gracefully retrieves all your bookings in real-time from the realm of Stay Ezee. This spellbinding automation not only saves precious time but also enhances efficiency in all guest-facing endeavors. The mystical two-way integration ensures that guest folios, residing within the sacred realm of Stay Ezee, remain updated, perpetuating a harmonious dance of data consistency across both magnificent platforms.

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Benefits of the Integration

Unparalleled Personalization and Upselling

  • Enter a world where boundless creativity intertwines with the infinite potential of the Stay Ezee-Quoality integration. 
  • Prepare to astound guests with an unparalleled guest experience, meticulously tailored to their whims and desires. 
  • Witness in awe as guests effortlessly partake in the splendors of these personalized offers with the mere flick of a finger, revolutionizing the booking process and elevating satisfaction to new heights. 
  • Feast upon the fruits of creative freedom as you bestow upon your esteemed guests a plethora of exquisite deals, including room upgrades, enchanting dining reservations, loyalty sign-ups, and a universe of possibilities yet to be explored.

Scalability with Targeted Segmentation

  • Let the harmonious symphony of Stay Ezee and Quoality reverberate across the cosmos of your hotel, captivating a vast audience that stretches beyond the bounds of the imagination. 
  • Witness the miraculous expansion of your reach, attracting direct bookers and OTA guests alike. 
  • Behold the bountiful sales and the resplendent return on investment that accompanies this expanse. 
  • Furthermore, your Stay Ezee software possesses the remarkable ability to segment guests, rest assured that Quoality gracefully embraces and supports this divine capability. 
  • Tailor your offers with unparalleled precision, attuned to each guest's unique desires, commencing with their preferred language.

Higher Conversion Rates and Automated Upselling

  • Prepare to be entranced by the awe-inspiring fusion of Stay Ezee and Quoality, bestowing upon you a majestic conversion rate that’s higher than before. 
  • A single interaction with the enchanting union of these platforms beckons one out of eight guests to partake in the realm of offers, illuminating the path to unparalleled revenue growth. 
  • Marvel at the wonder of a seamless upselling system, orchestrating a symphony of automated enchantment that effortlessly adds upsells to the guest's profile and gracefully updates your system, rendering manual intervention obsolete.


The Quoality - Stay Ezee integration stands as the harbinger of transformative change, shattering the limitations imposed upon hotels and hotel chains alike. Embrace this unified platform, basking in the glory of automated excellence and personalized splendor. Bear witness to exceptional guest experiences, the resounding echoes of revenue growth, and the harmonious dance of operational efficiency. Countless blessings await, including streamlined operations, the preservation of time itself, and an unwavering competitive edge that pierces the very fabric of the market. 

To embark on an enchanting expedition through the wonders of upselling and to behold firsthand the myriad of blessings that await, get a majestic demo with Quoality today. Click here to know more!

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