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Quoality — 2021 Rewind

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Akshay Dekate

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2021 is almost over and to sum up the year, it was nothing like the previous non-year, 2020. With businesses starting to run in full swing, planning and execution seemed easy with higher targets and goals being realized.

COVID-19 had a severe impact on the hospitality & travel industry. With many businesses struggling or even falling out, it sure wasn’t an easy way for the industry to recover and repair the damage caused by the corona virus pandemic.


Quoality, a hospitality revenue acceleration platform with the purpose of making life easier for the guests while also helping hotel and hostel businesses push their ancillary services. Our vision is to provide hospitality businesses with powerful tools that help them maximize their revenue opportunities by pushing their ancillary services to the guests.

But what are ancillary services?

The definition of the word “Ancillary” varies from sector to sector. But what is it for the hospitality industry? It is basically the services that a business would sell to its guests in addition to its “core” hotel experience, ie. staying in a room. These services include Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Tours and activities, Upgrades, Retail, On-site services

What’s a business without its leaders? Founders Akshay Dekate and Vikas Chandra pushed forth the idea and materialized it. Within a year, Quoality earned great success, recognition, brand loyalty across the sector and we are just getting started.


Travel and hospitality are one of the most lucrative industries which always have something new to offer to guests. Year-on-year the industry witnesses a rise in travelers globally.

Now there’s no business without a goal, a motive, a purpose. Before starting a business, planning needs to be done. Goals, stepping stones, milestones, small objectives, etc. Without a clear purpose or vision, a business has no chance to succeed.

Quoality is a goal-driven company equipped with imperative principles and values. While striving to deliver the best, it is the high standards and the will to make the lives of the guests easier that make the company what it is. Backed by a strong and hardworking group, the core values and the determination of the company only seems to get stronger!


5 January 2021 was when Quoality came into existence. Over the course of the year, the company crossed various checkpoints, getting them ever so close to making its name in the industry. The hospitality industry is not easy. With multiple challenges faced in the industry by both businesses and guests, Quoality wanted to make life easy!

  • January — March 2021- Targets were simple in the first quarter of the year. Set up the base, carry out market research before we start building the product and build and looking at the COVID19 situation to preserve cash flow for our future.
  • April — June 2021- This period was particularly crucial. With the launch being delayed due to the second COVID-19 wave, we continued speaking with more customers, doing market research with various segments and building a core team. There were no full stops in the customer validation process using mockups as a key to bring it into the industry before we start building it.
  • July — September 2021- It was during these months that the pieces started to fall into the puzzles. The product under development finally started to take shape. With the soft launch and our website, it provided a gateway to pitch and attract various clients.
  • October — December 2021- The final few months of the year meant complete business! We started running on top gear and didn’t look like stopping! The public launch of the product provided multiple paths for business opportunities with some anchor clients! With everything now in place, it was time to push the product. Accelerate the business and create a market and brand loyalty amongst guests and businesses.


With just barely 3 months into the launch, Quoality has gained quite a lot of success with an increase in demand for our product. The company has managed to gain the trust of both guests and businesses because of its easy-to-use product and super smooth services along with a strong focus on customer success.

Quoality has managed to process over $ 100k in GMV. Furthermore, the brilliant conversion rate of 78% is proof of how well the product has been received by the guests. With over 50,000+ requests successfully processed across all properties. Further we managed to improve our KPIs like average request value, requests per guest, engagement time.

The product is showing great signs of growth and we are doubling our GMV month over month. This is just the beginning! There’s more success to follow and we have a strong product led roadmap for the first 2 quarters of 2022.

We also continue to learn more from our clients as we go along the way. With many new features added after thoroughly vetting with our clients to further increase their conversion, ancillary sales and save time, the product has come a long way in terms of services, quality as well as ease of use. Hence the quick rise!

With an army of 16 members across dev, content, design, sale and customer success, we have everything we need in our arsenal to take 2022 off like a storm!

And that’s about it for Quoality’s overview. This is just part 1 of 3 blog series about the company. Do check out the next blog coming next for more detailed information about the company’s accomplishments, objectives and future targets!

Hope 2021 was a great year! Wishing everyone all the very best for the new year 2022.

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