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Akshay Dekate

Quoality - All Access

Akshay Dekate
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In the previous blog, we had a quick glimpse of what Quoality as a unit stands for.

A short outline of our vision, goals, objectives and what we strive to achieve. But now, time to dig a bit deeper. Let’s get to know us really well, shall we?

Who are we?

In simple terms, we are a hospitality revenue acceleration platform. We empower hospitality businesses to accelerate their revenue through ancillary services. How? We provide tools with powerful insights that simplify the effort of businesses, while immensely lowering the barriers of taking actionable decisions.

Our Ancillary Service Management platform enables hospitality businesses to automate & personalize guests’ journeys on WhatsApp, and accelerate revenue by offering Ancillary Services through 1st and 3rd party service providers.

Where do we come in?

The hospitality industry is a place full of challenges. It’s never an easy place to be in. Everyone with spare monetary stash was getting into the hospitality business. This caused pressure on the occupancies and rates on the hotels which resulted in a global financial crisis.

A lot of hotels tried to remain in the race with other hotels in traditional ways but couldn’t. And If this wasn’t enough, the coronavirus pandemic added more salt to the wound. COVID-19 caused a massive drop in demand because people were no longer able to move out of their homes because of the lockdown restrictions.  

Also, with problems occurring due to market fragmentation,  hospitality businesses go through a time-consuming & inefficient process in searching & managing service providers. Their causes?

  • Lack of infrastructure.
  • Price Consistency
  • Scalability
  • Operational Challenges.
  • Lack of information

This creates multiple issues for the guests & leaves a great opportunity for disruptive innovation.

So how does Quoality come in here? Well, we bridge the gap between the guests’ wants and the business’s requirements. Our product is the answer to the many problems faced by both the guests and business owners. We provide an opportunity to fulfill and document all the desires and demands of both parties with extreme transparency.

Product And Opportunities -

Opportunities our products offers are limitless and you have our word! Our product is simple and easy to use and configure! Even without having to download an app, guests and businesses can access all the features. Convenient isn’t it? Let us walk you through our product in three sections.

  • Guest Front - Discover services, order, track & enjoy. Everything on fingertips.
  • Dashboard - Services listing, guest engagement with analytics.
  • Staff App - Request tracking & fulfillment with 1-to-1 guest chat.

Our platform enables Hospitality businesses to automate & personalize guest’s journey on WhatsApp, and accelerate revenue by offering Ancillary Services through 1st and 3rd party service providers. Serving and fullilling each and every needs of both the guests and business owners.

From a business point of view, our product helps in boosting…

  • Dining
  • Room Upgrades
  • Tours and Activities
  • Live Events
  • Early Check-in and Late Check-out
  • Transportation
  • Rentals

From a guest point of view, our product helps fulfill…

  • Hotel Services
  • Dining
  • Activities
  • Tours
  • Events

Why are we the need of the hour?

Like we discussed above, the travel industry market is quite fragmented. This causes chaos and in a way, messes up the guest journey. Going through different doors of OTAs, travel agencies, google, rental services and leisure websites. And it doesn’t end there. The journey is endless!

Our product since the launch has helped improve the process significantly! Businesses have been able to upsell and cross-sell services while being able to achieve guest satisfaction and retention which has, in turn, reduced no-shows. Menu optimization and review collection has also caused better engagement and communication with the guests.

Core Stats -

Just since our first order request on October 5, Quoality has achieved some staggering numbers!

  • Our product has helped businesses save 45 hours of their time on a monthly basis by smoothening and speeding up processes.
  • There is a 39% increase in the requested amount of services by the guests and boosts in the service ratings as well. An average of 4.8 of 5.
  • We have managed to process over $ 100k in GMV since October.
  • There has been a significant increase of 62% in the notification CTR.
  • Quoality has helped increase the average request per person. An increase of 3.8 per guest with an average value of the request coming up to $6.5.
  • Over a humongous 50,000 and more requests have been fulfilled over various properties using our product.
  • We have also managed to anchor major chains in India and many more on their way.
  • A team of 17 strong members across dev, content, design, sale and customer success bulldozing our way to the top.

Our Dream -

We are a goal-driven unit and to tell you about our dream in simple words, we want to make lives easy for everyone through innovation and technology. Our rapid rise isn’t a surprise because we as a company learn each day. Through our multiple clients, guests, demands and requests, our colleagues, trying to function through the pandemic etc.

Fulfilling demands and desires conveniently is what we’re here for and it is what we’ll continue to do ahead as well! The Hospitality Industry is no walk in the park but through our intervention, we’ll try to make it easy and build value for our guests.

Hope it was fun learning about quoality and our endeavors in the last year! But we don’t stop! 2022 is the year quoality goes bigger and better which you’ll learn all about in the next blog! This is part 2 in the Quoality Overview Series. Don’t forget to look out for the final edition of the series!

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