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Quoality - Cart And Instructions

1 Minutes

Ciboni Vaz

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Quoality is a hospitality revenue acceleration platform. We’re constantly pushing ancillary services like hotels and hostels to generate more revenue by selling their ancillary services.

Providing businesses with a 4 fold ROI.

  • Better Engagement
  • Guest Satisfaction
  • Guest Loyalty
  • Additional Revenue.

With personalized Services placement and automated notifications across WhatsApp, SMS, and Emails businesses can engage proactively and sell more to maximize revenue.

By now you may know about our staff app and how it functions. Wait! Don’t know yet? Check out Quoality staff app demo by clicking on the link. Moving on.

In this video, we'll be giving you a run-through of how to add items to your cart and add special instructions to it.

Adding items in the cart is super easy. With our easy to use web app, your guests can add in whatever items they want. Be it food or room service or even transportation. Best thing about it? Even zero priced items can be added.

Giving instructions is an equally easy task. When your guests are on the checkout screen, they can find a section where they add special instructions to it.

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