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Quoality guest journey management

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Vikas Chandra

Quoality guest journey management

Vikas Chandra
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Every interaction with the guests count in the hospitality today. Whether it is a warm conversation at the reception desk or a well-prepared email marketing campaign - every touchpoint helps to create an impact, enhancing the overall guest experience. 

However, sometimes the texts and emails are not streamlined to deliver the outcomes expected. For example, a hotel sends a welcome message but fails to follow up with offers, benefits, and opportunities that could help them upsell. Sometimes they do send the adjacent emails right at the moment, and sometimes too late to make an impact. This is primarily because all of it is done manually and require proper management to track the process, which could be easily done using the right tools and resources. 

That is why we have come up with a Hotel Guest Journey Management system that could take care of all such challenges. 

In this blog, we’ll explore and discover how we at Quoality help hoteliers leverage technology with smartness for enhanced guest experience. By the end of this blog, you’ll get to know how our Hotel Guest Journey Management system can help you convert every guest interaction into an opportunity for wholesome delight. 

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Quoality's Guest Journey Management

Our Guest Journey Management system addresses all the challenges you face while trying to maintain an effective channel of communication with your guests. It includes a series of events that trigger when an action (by the guests’ end) is performed. For example, if the guest has made the booking, it’d automatically trigger a welcome email/WhatsApp text, followed by a series of other texts that could include all types of agendas. 

We at Quoality value guest experience the most. That is why our innovation is only limited to necessities and doesn’t echo jargon or fillers. This way, you as a hotelier can establish your image in the sky with a sense of emotion that you actually care about your guests. 

Creating and managing guest journeys are super easy with Quoality. 

  • Go to journey management and create a new journey
  • Set up your mode of communication channel (WhatsApp/Email/SMS)
  • Select from already existing templates OR create your own template
  • Set up the journey time of a guest and click on ‘Publish Journey.’

Stages of hotel guest journey management


A guest’s experience with your hospitality and brand begins way before he/she steps into your hotel. That is why it is essential to make the pre-check-in phase as smooth as possible. It is indeed a critical stage as it includes a range of interactions before their arrival at the hotel. Whether it is browsing hotel images, making the reservation, or receiving texts and emails about their arrival and booking - it’s the time when trust is built.  Once the booking is made, our Guest Journey Management system ensures a smoother, hassle-free check-in process and on-time, crisp communication, helping to set the tone for a successful experience. 

Define campaign time

Timing is everything in guest journey management. Defining the campaign time helps to figure out the optimal ways to engage with your guests. Whether it is about sending the welcome email or sharing the amenities details just before a week of arrival, or suggesting local attractions before check-in - it’s essential to timely communicate all of it. Our Hotel Guest Journey Management system ensures maximum engagement and helps you keep your property at the top of guests’ minds. 

Create journey triggers

Journey triggers are crucial when talking about overall digital guest journey management. These include the events of actions that, once done, trigger a service or marketing response. For example, confirmation of booking triggers a welcome email and offers an opportunity to send nearby attractions along with in-house amenities. By utilizing the Quoality Hotel Guest Journey Management system’s journey triggers, you can leverage tech for more personalized experiences, know guest needs, and address the needs on time.

During stay

This is the core of a digital hotel guest journey, where a guest experiences the best hotel offerings firsthand. It includes everything from check-in, stay, use of the amenities, and check-out. Quoality Guest Journey Management converts these interactions into delightful opportunities by using real-time data, and proactive responses, which helps your guests feel actually valued. 

Post stay

Hoteliers often ignore the post-stay stage, while it brings an immense range of opportunities for long-term relationships. This includes seeking feedback/review, addressing concerns, and maintaining communication once the guests have left. By implementing effective digital guest journey management, you can transform one-time guests into loyal customers. 

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Why Quoality guest journey management system?

Builds trust

The most significant benefit of our Guest Journey Management system is that it helps build trust between you and your guests. By delivering personalized, consistent, and on-time interactions across stages, you can showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction. Fostering loyalty and trust. 


Quoality also comes with an abundance of upselling opportunities. By getting rich insights into guests’ behavior and preferences, you can offer recommendations and offer that not only enhances the overall guest experience but also helps drive additional revenue. 

Streamlining operations with zero manual guest experience

At last, our Guest Journey Management system can help you streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks and freeing your staff to focus on more essential activities. This in fact leads to a more efficient, cost-effective line of operations and a zero manual guest experience. Hence, this is how every interaction is comprehensively coordinated and timed perfectly. 


To conclude, in the rapidly evolving landscape of today's digital age, the significance of managing the guest journey transcends mere preference; it has become an absolute necessity. The art of Quality’s Guest Journey Management signifies a multifaceted approach that is built through the complexities of the guest experience, ultimately culminating in personalized and unforgettable moments that leave guests utterly delighted and loyal to the brand.

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