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Quoality- SiteMinder Integration

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Rajat Maheshwari

Quoality- SiteMinder Integration

Rajat Maheshwari
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Managing a hotel's online presence can be a daunting task, especially when you have to deal with multiple online travel agencies (OTAs) and other booking channels. Channel managers like SiteMinder have been developed to make this process easier for hoteliers by providing a central platform to manage bookings and inventory across all channels. However, integrating the SiteMinder platform with Quality Dashboard can enhance the efficiency of the hotel's operations and provide a better experience for guests.

What's a Channel Manager?

A channel manager is a software solution that enables hoteliers to distribute their rooms and inventory across multiple online travel agencies (OTAs) and booking channels. By using a channel manager, hoteliers can manage their online distribution strategy from a single platform, thereby reducing the risk of overbookings or missed reservations.

Why Quoality - SiteMinder Integration?

While channel managers such as SiteMinder are effective in managing multiple booking channels, they do not offer comprehensive analytics and insights to help hoteliers optimize their operations. On the other hand, Quality Dashboard provides a range of analytical tools and data visualization features that enable hoteliers to make data-driven decisions.

By integrating Site Minder with Quality Dashboard, hoteliers can access the power of both platforms and achieve a seamless online distribution and guest experience strategies.

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How does the integration work?

If you are working with SiteMinder and want to integrate it with the Quality Dashboard, you need to take the API and integrate it with the Quoality API. Once the integration is complete, you can access Site Minder from the Quality Dashboard and use its features to manage your online distribution strategy. You can also use Quality Dashboard's analytical tools to gain insights into your hotel's performance across multiple channels and make data-driven decisions to improve your operations.

Benefits of Quoality - SiteMinder Integration

Enhanced Guest Experience: With SiteMinder & Quoality integration, hoteliers can provide a better experience to their guests and automate guest facing tasks like guest messaging, payments, personalised upselling, reviews and analytics from unified dashboard. Furthermore, they can manage their inventory distribution across different channels too.

Ancillary Upsell: Integrating SiteMinder with Quality will enable hoteliers to personalise and upsell their ancillary to their guests from the moment booking happens to checkout. The hoteliers can start building their own rich first party guest database which can be used for rerngaing with guests post checkout too. This can potentially add 1,000s of dollars every week in additional revenue and increase profitability.

Improved Analytics: With Quality guest analytics and reporting, hoteliers can track their various aspect of their hotel business like additional revenue, guest interactions, reviews and booking analytics on Quoality dashboard. This actionable insight can be used to streamline front and back office tasks and bring operational efficiency.

Review Boost: With Quality guest sentiment analysis, hoteliers can monitor their guest sentiment at every stage of the stay and be proactive in resolving guest queries. Furthermore, the platform has ability to prempt the guest reviews before even guest checks out. This can drive more reviews and better rating online.

Increased Efficiency: The integration of Site Minder with Quality Dashboard reduces manual data entry and automates the process of updating your inventory across multiple channels. This increased efficiency frees up staff time to focus on other important tasks, such as guest experience.

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Integrating Site Minder with Quality Dashboard can help hoteliers streamline their online distribution strategy and gain insights into their operations. By taking advantage of the power of both platforms, hoteliers can optimize their revenue and provide a better experience for their guests. This integration saves time, reduces the risk of errors, and provides comprehensive insights to improve a hotel's performance.

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