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Quoality Staff App: Streamline your hotel operations on the go

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Vikas Chandra

Quoality Staff App: Streamline your hotel operations on the go

Vikas Chandra
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In the hospitality industry, managing staff and guest interactions can be a daunting task. From managing guest requests to ensuring smooth operations, there are many moving parts that can be difficult to handle. That's where Quoality Staff App comes in. Our app is designed to streamline hotel operations and make life easier for front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house staff. In this blog, we'll explore the features of our app and how it can benefit your hotel.

Why Quoality Staff App?

Quoality Staff App is part of the Quoality product suite, which also includes Concierge and Hub. Our products are designed to work together seamlessly to help you provide the best possible guest experience. With Quoality Staff App, you can manage guest requests and interactions on the go, giving you more time to focus on what matters most: your guests.

In the last 1 year, we learned a lot from our amazing customers. We realized that there are 2 types of jobs at a hotel: static and dynamic. Static roles can be done from one place. In the role, the staff doesn't have to change their location often during their shift. Whereas Dynamic roles are where the staff has to perform their duties on the go. That’s when we realized that building an app is something that’ll benefit our customers in the long run. Hence, we designed the design to help managers, front desk staff, and other key roles in the hotel and drive more collaboration across the different departments. The app contains features that benefit back-of-the-house operations, such as kitchen staff, housekeeping, and maintenance.

Other factors that were taken into consideration while designing the app are:

  1. Modern & minimalist design: The app is built on modern material design and we have removed all the unnecessary things to keep it minimalistic. 
  1. Ease of use: This was the important factor that we took into consideration while designing. The app is simple to use. With our initial runs, we saw that new staff can be onboarded on the app within 16min avg followed by speeding up service requests closure by almost 2x
  1. App Speed: The app works across 3G, 4G, and 5G network spectrum. With advanced caching and optimization, we have made it almost 1.8x faster than other hospitality apps in the market. 
  1. Cross-platform compatibility: The app is finally available on Android and iOS.
  1. Gamification: Continuing with the theme of on-the-go, we understand that hospitality jobs can be stressful at times. And we want to make it fun with our staff app. With the use of colors and icons, the app shows you what you need to focus on instantly. And we are coming up with more gamification features to make it fun to use.

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What Quoality Staff App Does

Quoality Staff App is a comprehensive solution for managing hotel operations. Here are some of the features that make our app stand out:


Self-onboarding makes it easy for new staff members to get started. With self-onboarding, staff can create their own profile within the app, set their availability, and start receiving guest requests. This process can be completed quickly and efficiently, saving time for both staff and management. Staff can be onboarded via an invite or signup on the app with basic details in minutes. Overall, self-onboarding is an intuitive and convenient feature that helps streamline the onboarding process and get staff up to speed faster.

Menu Management

The quality Staff App allows you to manage your hotel's menus directly from the app. We have made it easy for your staff to update menus and ensure that guests have the most up-to-date information.

Guest Management

With Quoality Staff App, you can manage guest requests and interactions on the go. The app allows you to track guest preferences and ensure that all guest requests are handled in a timely manner. Your staff can check guest arrivals, and departures, call and chat with them, check their booking details, and much more on the go.

Request Management

The quality Staff App enables your staff to manage all guest requests on the go. Our app ensures that requests are handled quickly and efficiently.

Access Level Control

Access level control is another powerful feature of the Quoality Staff App. This feature allows managers to set specific permissions like tasks, menu, and notification accessibility for each staff member, giving them access to only the features and information they need. 

This ensures that staff can only access the information that is relevant to their role while maintaining security and privacy for the hotel and guests. For example, a housekeeping staff member might have access to the guest room list and request management, but not to menu management or guest profiles. This feature helps ensure that staff is not overwhelmed with unnecessary information or features, which can help them stay focused on their specific tasks.

Profile & Gamification

Quoality Staff App also includes a profile and gamification feature that helps motivate staff and recognize their achievements. With the profile feature, staff can showcase their skills and experience, providing a more personalized experience for guests. This feature can help staff feel more engaged and invested in their work, which can improve job satisfaction and reduce turnover. 

The gamification feature also encourages staff to provide excellent service by providing rewards and recognition for achieving specific goals. For example, staff members might earn badges or points for responding to guest requests quickly or receiving positive feedback from guests. This feature helps create a culture of excellence and encourages staff to go above and beyond for guests. Overall, the profile and gamification feature is a powerful tool for staff engagement and motivation, which can ultimately lead to better guest experiences. Stay tuned for these updates in the future.

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To conclude, Quoality Staff App is an innovative solution that enables hotel staff to manage guest requests on the go, improving efficiency and collaboration between staff members. With features such as self-onboarding, access level control, and profile gamification, the app provides a comprehensive solution for hotel managers and front-office hotels. The app's future releases, including guest management, request management, menu management, guest chat, guest review management, and more, will further enhance its capabilities and make it an indispensable tool for hotels looking to improve their guest experiences. Ultimately, Quoality Staff App can help hotels improve their operational efficiency, deliver better guest experiences, and increase staff engagement and satisfaction.

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