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Quoality Whatsapp Integration

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Akshay Dekate

Quoality Whatsapp Integration

Akshay Dekate
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The hospitality industry is always looking for ways to enhance the guest experience, and communication plays a vital role in achieving this goal. Today's fast-paced world demands quick, easy, and convenient ways to engage with guests, and omnichannel communication has become a crucial part of hoteliers' strategies. 

One of the most popular channels for hotel guest messaging is WhatsApp, which has revolutionized the way hotels connect with their guests. Its widespread use among travelers and the ease of communication it offers have made it an indispensable part of the hospitality industry's communication strategy. 

From pre-arrival communication to post-stay feedback, WhatsApp can help hotels provide a seamless and personalized experience for their guests. With the use of automated chatbots, hotels can quickly and efficiently handle guest inquiries, booking confirmations, and room service requests. This not only saves time but also enhances the guest experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Why use WhatsApp in the Hotel Industry

WhatsApp is a widely used messaging app that allows for instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, file sharing, and group chats. Being the top messaging app in 128 countries with over 2 billion+ users. People are accustomed to using it all day, every day and the statistics prove that! However, there are other reasons why hotels should start including messaging apps, in particular, WhatsApp in their communication strategy. 

For starters, it is no longer a secret that when guests want to communicate with hotel staff they often use messaging apps. This is because the majority of requests and concerns are likely to occur during the stay and messaging allows guests to express their doubts on the spot! Thus, increasing their overall experience and satisfaction. Likewise, WhatsApp lets hotels quickly respond to any inquiry and even set up automated messages!

In addition, if hotels use this platform they are offering guests a medium they are already familiar with, therefore increasing their comfort and making it more personal. Furthermore, almost no staff training is required since it's something they probably use every day, and if not, it’s very simple to teach how to use. Moreover, by having a WhatsApp account, hotels can be differentiated from competitors! Since small details are the ones that, at the end of the day, make the difference between an “average” hotel and an “excellent” one with “outstanding” customer care service.

Apart from the hospitality industry, many other businesses have recognized the value of using WhatsApp to communicate with their customers. In particular, eCommerce and retail businesses have leveraged WhatsApp to provide an exceptional customer experience.

  • One example of how eCommerce companies use WhatsApp is by using the app as a customer service channel. By providing a WhatsApp number to customers, eCommerce companies can offer quick and efficient customer support. Customers can use WhatsApp to inquire about their orders, ask for product recommendations, and get help with any issues they may have. This not only improves the customer experience but also increases customer loyalty and retention.
  • Retail businesses have also embraced WhatsApp as a means of communication with their customers. For example, fashion brands have used WhatsApp to offer personalized styling advice to their customers. Customers can send photos of themselves, and the brand's stylists can offer personalized recommendations on what to wear. This creates a unique and personalized experience that sets the brand apart from its competitors.

Apart from customer-facing communication, businesses are also using WhatsApp to improve their internal communication. For example, companies with remote or field employees can use WhatsApp to keep their team members connected. With group chats and voice calls, team members can communicate and collaborate in real time, improving overall productivity and efficiency.

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How the integration of Quoality and WhatsApp works?

One of the best guest messaging software for Hotels on the market is Quoality, which is designed to help hotels communicate with guests seamlessly. With Quoality integration with WhatsApp, it enables hoteliers to automate, personalize and manage guest communication from a single interface. 

Getting started with WhatsApp communication for your hotel is easy and takes minutes to set up. There are 2 ways we offer WhatsApp setup to hotels:

  • Quick Setup: Once you are signed up on Quoality, you can use our pre-integrated number that is ready to use. This means that hotels do not need to go through the process of setting up their WhatsApp business account and its verification which takes about 3-5 days. Next, you can choose from our pre-designed journeys and start engaging with your guests in minutes.
  • Detailed Setup: Once you are up and running with our pre-integrated number, Quoality will help you with setting up your WhatsApp business account. It takes anywhere between 3-5 working days. Once the account is set up, you can migrate to your WhatsApp number with our migration wizard under the settings section.

Benefits of Quoality WhatsApp integration

The integration of Quoality and WhatsApp provides several benefits as guest communication software for hotels. 

  • First, it allows hotels to manage guest communication from a single interface, making it easier to respond to guest queries and requests quickly. 
  • 8 out of 10 guests prefer WhatsApp to communicate with the hotel.  We have seen open rates upto 65% in our initial rollout. Thus, it enables hotels to communicate with guests on a channel that they are already familiar with, improving guest satisfaction. 
  • Instant notifications: “Instant notification” might not sound intriguing at first but in reality, it holds a higher position in the list of positive impacts.
  • Make upselling easier and better: Upselling is undoubtedly one of the great business opportunities to increase the average revenue of a hotel. But calling up your guests to pay more for a similar but higher quality product or convincing them to avail of some additional services might not work well. You could try sending an email but then it might never get opened. But WhatsApp has transformed this as well. 
  • Gain your guests’ trust: WhatsApp for hotels today plays a vital role in garnering attention and allowing hotels to become a brand that people love and trust.
  • Generate greater ROI: WhatsApp and hospitality, have proved to be a match made in heaven. The messaging app has managed to deliver significant results for numerous hotels around the world.


To conclude, hotel guest communication is critical in the hospitality industry, and WhatsApp is an excellent platform for guest messaging. The integration of Quoality and WhatsApp provides hoteliers with a powerful tool to manage guest communication effectively. With WhatsApp's wide reach and Quoality's intuitive interface, hotel staff can communicate with guests quickly and efficiently, improving guest satisfaction and loyalty. Get in touch with us to know more or for an in-depth consultation.

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