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10 Rate intelligence tools for hotels: Key to maximize revenue

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Kajal Makhija

10 Rate intelligence tools for hotels: Key to maximize revenue

Kajal Makhija
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Attention hotel and travel business owners! 

Are you ready to skyrocket your revenue and outshine your competition? 

The secret lies in embracing the game-changing Price Intelligence Tools that are revolutionizing the industry.

So, don’t let yourself fall behind the curve and miss out on the latest technology trends. 

When you can stay ahead of the game by using the affordable and best Hotel Rate Intelligence Tools that will empower you to make smarter decisions and boost your revenue like never before.

We understand the pain of sorting through countless options to find the perfect tool for your business. 

That's why we've meticulously researched and handpicked the top 10 Hotel Rate Shopping Tools for you to maximize your revenue and take your business to new heights.

You no longer have to set yourself up for mediocrity in today's fast-paced market.

Because you can now empower your business with these Rate  Intelligence Tools and watch your revenue soar!

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Hotel Rate Intelligence Tools For Maximizing Your Revenue

Some of the most popular rate shopping and market intelligence tools you can use this year are - 

 1. MakCorps Hotel Price API

Makcorps Hotel Price API is a user-friendly hotel price intelligence tool that keeps hoteliers updated with real-time pricing. It collects its data from over 200+ OTA platforms to provide you with relevant and crucial rate insights according to your query. 

Also, you can access the reviews and ratings posted on different OTA platforms by customers to understand your competitors and customer expectations. By just making a single GET request you will have the pricing of all the hotels in any city around the globe from the cheapest vendors. It helps you achieve a competitive advantage. 

2. PricePoint 

PricePoint is an efficient price intelligence tool that is designed to meet the demands of hoteliers with its AI-Powered solutions. It uses precise AI-based price recommendations to optimize prices after every single availability change. Hoteliers can use this rate shopper to understand their competitive position in the marketplace. 

Furthermore, it is a fully automated revenue management system that automatically integrates with your PMS and channel managers to analyze your booking trends, competitive positioning and update optimal rates in real-time to all OTAs. It's plug-and-play, which means it requires absolutely no action, expertise, or management on your end.

3. OTA Insight 

This is one of the most popular and efficient hotel rate shopping tools that help hoteliers get access to real-time information on hotel price trends. It empowers hotel business owners with the tiniest of details like competitors’ rates, ranking, reputation, and occupancy rates. 

4. SiteMinder 

SiteMinder is perfect for hoteliers looking to access detailed insight reports that provide real-time market and performance data. It helps businesses to make more informed pricing and distribution decisions through such crucial insights.  

Furthermore, it also allows hoteliers to see which channels are performing best and where to focus their marketing efforts to get maximum results.  

5. HotelRunner 

HotelRunner helps hoteliers to optimize their pricing and adopt a dynamic pricing strategy by analyzing the data of competing properties in their region. Also, it updates them with which rooms of their property are sold, on which platform, and at what pricing in real-time. 

Moreover, HotelRunner allows businesses to automate inventory distribution, maximize direct channel revenues, and boost profit margins. It is a perfect match for hoteliers looking to go beyond just price intelligence. 

6. Rategain 

Optima by Rategain is a really useful tool for hoteliers that helps them with their pricing strategy by providing data from 500+ different sources. It empowers businesses with historical price data, current pricing trends and predicts future price trends. 

Also, it provides them intelligence on Rates that are very crucial for today’s travelers like-  Mobile Rates, Geo-Based Rates and, Member Rates and closely tracks your Parity. 

7. Ratetiger Shopper

RateTigerShopper Powered by eRevMax is another effective hotel rate shopper that provides access to their property rate data against that of competitors. It helps in analyzing rate position and market movement and also allows them to monitor competitors’ price movement. 

Hoteliers can easily maintain rate parity and integrity by utilizing such granular insights on the market data. 

8. PriceLabs 

PriceLabs’ Market Dashboard can help hotels to make more informed pricing and investment decisions through market analysis and neighborhood data. It is an innovative and easy-to-use revenue management tool for the vacation and short-term rental industry. 

They can utilize its data-driven approach, automation rules, and customizations to manage price and stay restrictions, help vacation rentals increase revenues, and save them hours in the process.

9. Amadeus Demand 360

Demand 360 by Amadeus is a forward-looking business intelligence solution empowering hoteliers to create the most profitable revenue strategies. It provides access to detailed market and price insights for both your property and your competitive set which helps you in creating unique business strategies. 

It is an effective tool to outperform your competition and enhance your revenue management. Demand 360 tool helps hospitality providers to acquire, service, and retain guests by profitability driving demand and converting them into loyal customers. 

10. Fornova Competitive Intelligence 

Fornova CI helps you have a better understanding of your hotel’s performance against your competition so that you remain competitive in the market. It enables hoteliers to shape their pricing strategies and make informed rate decisions using the most advanced and effective comp set data. 

It is a perfect tool for large hotel chains as it empowers the global travel and hospitality industry to optimize distribution, generate demand and maximize revenue by delivering data-driven business Intelligence solutions. 

11. D-Edge 

D-Edge - Rate Screener provides competitor's rates through different OTA platforms and analyzes your hotel’s position compared to your competition. Hoteliers can easily make changes in their pricing using the information provided to leverage their business operations. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, by utilizing the most effective rate Intelligence Tools available in 2023 and beyond, you can upscale your hotel business to new heights. 

It's important to remember, however, that the hotel industry is not solely reliant on price intelligence. There are several other internal and external factors to keep in mind in order to achieve business goals.

Thankfully, with the help of these smart rate intelligence technologies maximizing your hotel revenue has never been easier. 

So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of these cutting-edge tools.

Get started today with a free trial and see how it can unlock your hotel's revenue full potential. 

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