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Rejecting A Request on Quoality Staff App

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Akshay Dekate

Rejecting A Request on Quoality Staff App

Akshay Dekate
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Quoality is a hospitality revenue acceleration platform. We’re constantly pushing ancillary services like hotels and hostels to generate more revenue by selling their ancillary services.

Providing businesses with a 4 fold ROI.

  • Better Engagement
  • Guest Satisfaction
  • Guest Loyalty
  • Additional Revenue.

With personalized Services placement and automated notifications across WhatsApp, SMS, and Emails businesses can engage proactively and sell more to maximize revenue.

Well, in our new video, we discuss how to reject a request and what are the things that go on when a guest’s request is rejected.

To begin with, there are four stages of requests.

  • Pending
  • Processing
  • Completed
  • Rejected

Here, we’re going to be discussing the 4th stage i.e. Rejecting.

Usually, whenever a guest has his request rejected by the hotel or any business for that fact, apart from disappointment, the guests demand a reason or any sort of explanation as why to why the request couldn’t be fulfilled? A clear-cut reason with compensation or reimbursement of it.

Now with our staff app, we help cement all the communication gaps while maintaining clear transparency among the businesses and the guest. Everything is made super convenient for both parties. Let’s take a look how it works…

In order to reject a request…

  • Click on the tracking order or request page.
  • Click on the request card you wish to reject.
  • Select the reason behind not being able to successfully fulfill the request.
  • Click on the ‘Reject’ button

This will remove the request card from the page and your guest will be sent a notification regarding the cancellation of their request.

There could be several reasons why sometimes hotels cannot fulfill a guest’s request. Being understaffed, Lacking or running out of resources or unavailability of the resource or the persons. Even time is a factor. For eg, a lot of hotels close down their kitchen after 1 am and do not take in orders post that.

A situation like this where a request is rejected but at times people aren’t aware of the availability of the service or why their request had been cancelled or rejected Our staff app makes the operation simple and draws a clean sheet towards both parties.

Check out the video link below to know how to reject a request through our staff app.

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