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Relation Between Hotels and Sustainability

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Ciboni Vaz

Relation Between Hotels and Sustainability

Ciboni Vaz
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As travelers’ concerns about environmental issues increase each year, the role of sustainability in the hospitality industry has become a big issue. The hospitality industry is now responsible for around 1% of global carbon emissions and this number is not decreasing.

Research shows that by the year 2050, the hospitality industry must reduce more than 90% of its CO2 emissions per room. This is necessary to ensure that growth forecasts do not translate into a corresponding increase in CO2 emissions.

To prevent the worst effects of climate change, hotels need to go much further to limit warming to 1.5°C In fact, some of the largest hotel chains have already implemented sustainable strategies to control their environmental impact.

Sustainable or green hotels are those that work to reduce their carbon footprint. They have implemented eco-friendly practices in their products and services, maintenance, and supply chains. In short, a sustainable hotel meets the following requirements:

  • Works to reduce energy consumption.
  • Minimizing food and plastic waste.
  • It has implemented practices to reduce water consumption.
  • Digitize the customer experience through automation and other softwares.

Remember! You should avoid greenwashing and be honest about your green initiatives. short period. Don’t overdo your efforts to attract more environmentally conscious guests it’s best to start small and move forward, adopting eco-friendly practices one step at a time.

Why should your hotel become more sustainable?

The hotel industry is one of the main causes of the global environmental crisis. Therefore, it is more important than ever for hotels to be more sustainable. Here are some reasons why your hotel should be sustainable.

1. Cut Down The Carbon Footprint

Research shows that the hospitality industry is responsible for 21% of all tourism-related environmental impacts. Pollution and improper waste management by the hospitality industry have serious consequences for the environment and biodiversity.

The hospitality industry has contributed to climate change by emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide and waste. It also consumes large amounts of energy and water. As a result, hotels must focus on long-term growth that reduces the impact of pollution and waste.

2. Reduce Operational Costs

In addition to having a positive impact on the environment, adopting sustainable practices can reduce your operating costs. Reduce the use of single-use plastics such as plastic straws, single-use cups or cutlery, which will also save you money. or recyclable alternatives like bamboo straws. After the first investment, you save money on consumption and disposal.

3. Preserve The Environment

Everyone would agree that the main purpose of travel is to explore the world better. That is why preserving nature, biodiversity and the environment is what is best for all hoteliers. As the number of environmental problems multiply every year, the risk of natural disasters increases. This puts tourist attractions and the entire tourism industry at risk.

The quality of air, water and food is also influenced by the carbon footprint. To avoid devastating environmental impacts and ensure people continue to travel with a reason, hospitality businesses must be at the forefront of adopting sustainable practices while educating guests to follow suit.

What Are Travellers Looking For?

People have become more environmentally conscious and concerned, especially after the pandemic. More than 50% of travelers want to travel more sustainably. Nowadays, some tourists want to minimize their energy consumption, while some prefer more sustainable modes of transport.

A study shows that 76% of travelers want to reduce water consumption and 70%% want to reduce the carbon footprint of their vacation. Another study shows that 73% of tourists prefer to stay at hotels that have good practices over hotels that don’t. In fact, hotel guests are willing to spend 75% more per night for a sustainable hotel stay.

To meet your guests’ expectations, you can make some changes right away, while others may require more planning. and adjust your established trading strategies. As a first step, eliminate single-use items like plastic straws or offer more information online instead of on paper.

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