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Simple Ways To Master Guest Experience

Akshay Dekate

Simple Ways To Master Guest Experience

Akshay Dekate
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There are several moments that are crucial to how the guest might think about your hotel. In order for service staff and managers to deliver a great guest experience, they need to understand these important aspects of the guest experience. Specifically, this is the time when the guest enters the building. Being greeted by the waiter, being checked on during the meal, asking for feedback and saying thank you before you leave.

Every detail in the restaurant is important. That being said, these are the times when you can get people and generate great reviews. Your service team must touch all of these points, with the staff in different roles at different points of the guest experience. By highlighting these moments for your team, you can increase employee awareness of them. The result will be better performance and a larger revenue can be generated.

Here are a few steps to deliver a perfect guest experience.

1. Greeting Your Guests.

Greeting guests at your table is a very important aspect of the guest experience. The greeting must be prompt. Equally important, it should be warm, friendly and hospitable. The staff member should smile, make eye contact, and use hospitable language. They should consider the makeup of the party and the tone of the guest, and adjust the experience accordingly . During the first greeting, the staff receives a lot of information.

Similarily, the guest observes you and gathers information and decides whether he likes you or not. This affects your future earnings for the hotel. Pay attention to your details because everything else you do is important, but be great in the greeting.

2. Checking on Food.

Checking out the food is equally important for a hotel. At the end of the day, people also come for the food. People believe in the experience and the food is a big part of it. Orders are accurate, complete and satisfactory. Orders usually arrive safely at the table, but sometimes the staff in the kitchen overlooks something.

A correct order is also prepared correctly. When something is overcooked or undercooked, you want to know as soon as possible. Sometimes orders arrive incomplete. possible if someone apart from the server delivers the dinner.There is also a possibility that condiments, napkins or cutlery are missing. If a guest requires any, they must be delivered immediately. In addition to demonstrating hospitality, verification also provides an opportunity to enhance the guest experience.

For example, if a guest has had a hard time making a choice, take the time to specifically ask that person if they’re happy with their choice. If you enjoy it, you can play with a great decision and celebrate a great product.This action may affect future sales. On the contrary, if the choice is not satisfactory, you have the chance to fix it.

3. Observing For Feedback

Asking for feedback is crucial. However, this is not the only way to gather information. Your staff’s observational skills are very important. They are used at the beginning of the experience when received. They are also used throughout the experience. Proactive staff can pick up on issues before the guest says anything and sometimes while they’re happening. It can be anything that’s missing from a dish, something that doesn’t taste right, or a guest who’s uncomfortable.

4. Asking For Feedback

This is a crucial step for the staff and managers. The staff and the manager have different approaches when asking for feedback. The staff asks and controls the guest at all times. A better chance of getting honest feedback from a guest.Getting the right feedback is important. This requires the staff and manager to stop and take the time to solicit feedback. Rushing through reviews and table visits doesn’t work. If it’s moving so fast that it looks like you don’t care, they assume you don’t care. There is also an intangible quality of getting the right feedback. Its found that some managers get better feedback than others.

5. Thanking the guests

More than one person should thank the guest. Ideally, the staff should thank the guests sincerely. Then the people at the door should say thank you. These words are crucial. Otherwise it can happen that the guest does not feel valued.

Success at these points in the guest experience depends on the soft skills of the service representative. Your employees need to be educated on the importance of those moments and trained on best practices for those moments.

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