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The Impact of In-Room Tech On Guest Experiences.

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Ciboni Vaz

The Impact of In-Room Tech On Guest Experiences.

Ciboni Vaz
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Let’s think about it as Amazon but for hotels. No one expected you could order the most basic of things to the most expensive luxury items, all with a touch of your phone. As the millennial generation is all growing up, there’s an expectation that even hotels have the same technological advancements.

Hospitality can often have multiple definitions, but the key purpose that remains constant is meeting the true needs and desires of your guests. As technology becomes more central to guests’ lives, their needs have changed. Hotels that adapt their guest experience to technology. the faster you can benefit from this trend.

Here are a few ways technology has impacted guest experience over the last few years.

1. Match your guest expectations.

Five years ago it was unthinkable to order things all at the click of a button. That’s the expectation now. As young adults raised in the on-demand economy travel more, they expect hotel services to work the same way. There is a great chance that in the next 5 to 10 years, it’s hard to imagine a world where you can walk into a hotel and not interact with it through your phone.

2. Outsourcing Technology To Start-ups Keeps Hotels Nimble!

Every new generation of devices, every new platform improvement offers the opportunity to improve the guest experience. However, the pressure of technological advances has encouraged many hotel groups, large and small, to take advantage of technology-driven companies that specialize in the various device and platform upgrades that can help hotels adapt faster. Hotels can assure its guests that there’s no need to worry about technological advancements, the hotel itself will take care of that.

3. When To Combine Staff-Side With Guest Facing Solutions.

For hotels that use guest-centric technology to deliver guest services and amenities, demonstrating ROI can be difficult, at least in the shorter span of time. It is only when these guest-centric solutions are integrated into an integrated back-end solution that the efficiency of optimizing multiple systems on a connected platform shows a clear ROI.

Even though hotels usually track everything on one system irrespective of the number of guests using it, they still were getting to ROI. A lot of businesses spend a lot of money to build an app which still made it difficult to prove they generated 10% more sales than from F&B. Both sides are necessary. Having one side isn’t a technological solution.

4. Its More About The Less Fancy Stuff.

The rise of the smart home, with its connected lightbulbs, thermostats and smoke detectors, has inspired hotels to experiment with their own smart room technology. However, guests’ expectations of the technology in hotel rooms are much more modest than hoteliers assume. What they want most are ports, plugs and charging stations that power their own personal devices. However, upgrading rooms to meet this increased demand might be more of a challenge for hotels than designing a robot that can get things for your guests on order.

5. Wi-Fi Isn’t Enough!

Hotels can be difficult places to install Wi-Fi networks. It’s hard enough to provide the dining rooms of 15th-century buildings or massive concrete structures with expansive outdoor spaces without worrying about the maze of old manorish interiors. Zones related to Wi-Fi.

Improving the connectivity of these areas has become a focus for the hotel chain, as providing mobile technology for employees does little to improve the guest experience when internal connectivity is an issue. As hotels require Wi-Fi upgrades, it helps to have a solution robust enough to withstand intermittent connectivity disruptions.

Well that’s about it with this article. How do you think technological advancements have impacted in room guest room experience and how far will technology go in terms of improving guest experience?

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