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The New Age Of Green And Smart Homes

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Ciboni Vaz

The New Age Of Green And Smart Homes

Ciboni Vaz
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Lately, everyone’s talking about sustainability and going green. Including the hospitality industry! Methods are being reworked and ideas about the current and future business are being re-thought.

But why sustainability? Let’s discuss.

Hotels cause less damage to the environment when they go green. They also lower the costs while gaining the goodwill of their guests

Sustainability in business is essential for growth and guest satisfaction. The guests are increasingly looking for green businesses and paying more for eco-friendly products and services. Out of three, one consumer tends to prefer sustainable brands.

Hotels can also expect to save a lot of green by going green. Shifting to sustainability means reducing energy and water consumption, as well as staffing for things like maintenance and customer service.

Sustainable hotels are hotel businesses that significantly reduce their environmental impact through green practices in maintenance, services, logistics, products and supplies. The main purpose is to reduce waste, save energy and reduce water consumption.

Interesting isn’t it? There are many steps a hotel can take to move towards sustainability. Here are a few ways that could help.

Eco-friendly Staff -

Ask interested employees from each department to join a “green team” to take the initiative to suggest best practices that respect the environment in their region. This gives these employees a sense of ownership of green strategies and a greater commitment to long-term adoption. Remember to recognize their efforts, for example with a small salary, a special lunch or gift certificates.


Focusing on efficiency -

That’s the name of the game when it comes to an environmentally friendly corporate culture. Services ranging from remote check-in / check-out to keyless entry reduce lost key cards, reduce card usage, and can even help minimize overstaffing and the additional carbon emissions they cause.

Sustainable transportation and services -

Consider electric vehicle charging stations for the guests with electric or hybrid cars. E-bike and e-scooter rentals are brilliant options to promote sustainable transportation. Provide group shuttles (using hybrid or electric vehicles) to transit hubs to reduce the number of low-occupancy car trips to and from your hotel.

Room Furnishing -

In addition to smart technology, make smart choices in furnishing rooms with natural fiber bedding and furniture made from sustainable materials. Fill the chamber with reusable cups and coffee mugs instead of plastic, paper, or Styrofoam items. In the bathroom, provide natural and organic products. Commercial products of soaps and shampoos from certified ecological manufacturers in biodegradable packaging.

Waste Reduction -

Reduce the number of bins at your event venue and increase the number of recycling options to force attendees to dispose of their waste thoughtfully. Make recycling easier for guests by clearly marking and placing recyclable containers for paper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

Eco-friendly water maintenance -

Monitoring sensors are available for most types of equipment in your hotel, from HVAC systems to ovens to generators. These easy-to-use systems are equipped with wireless reporting systems for predictive maintenance. Even without investing in electronic monitoring, you can still monitor every system in your property with an ongoing program involving multiple levels of hotel staff, driven by maintenance, to analyze wasted energy over a specified period of time. and come up with plans for betterment.

Incorporate reusable items -

This reduces the use of straws, plastic dishes and paper plates in your establishment. You’ll also save money by reducing procurement and waste management costs (the less your hotel throws away, the lower the cost of transporting waste). Replace individual servings of cereal, yogurt and jam at the breakfast bar with glass containers to further reduce waste.

Away with plastic! -

Among the most harmful products for the environment on the planet, plastic water bottles take up a lot of space and often mix with waste during disposal. It’s not hard to step away from bottled water and move on to filtered water dispensers, refillable bottles and water jugs for guests and event attendees.

And there you go. These were a few points that could help you have a green and sustainable hotel business. Promote and take action towards the betterment!

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