Unusual Hostels You Must Definitely Know!

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Ciboni Vaz

Unusual Hostels You Must Definitely Know!

Ciboni Vaz
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Times have changed. So has the world of hostels.

Gone are the days of millions of filthy beds crammed into one room. Nowadays, hostels are constantly competing to prove they are the coolest new rooms in town, full of wanderlust.

All travelers around the world are discovering places to stay with giant hammocks, hand-painted murals, unique designs etc.

There’s so much more for all the travel enthusiasts to explore with so many locations, themes and luxury options to choose from. Let’s check out a few of the locations from where you surely, wouldn’t want to return!

1. Multi coloured cabin heaven -

It almost feels like stepping straight into The Wizard of Oz, the [Lucky Lake Hostel]( in Amsterdam is as charming as it is unusual. They have an outdoor kitchen, a bright yellow breakfast bus, and even a shuttle to the metro station. Waking up to free coffee and tea and free eggs, pancakes or poffertje for breakfast is really the stuff of heaven.

2. Sleeping amongst the stars -

The Isle of Skye is full of beautiful lakes, forests and misty mountains, as well as this gem of a hostel. The Jedi Huts at the [Skyewalker Inn]( at the back are as quaint as they are relaxing, and the glass dome will help you gaze out into the cosmos like an expert astronomer. You can even take a walk down to the sea for water sports and whale and dolphin watching.

3. Jumbo Jet stays -

We’ve all dreamed of being able to treat ourselves to a fantastic first-class flight around the world, with built-in sleepers and real food from cheap rations, [Jumbo Stay]( in Sweden offers just that, except you’ll have to stay on the ground The converted jumbo jet also has a cockpit for those looking for a truly unique sleeping experience!

4. Getting in touch with nature -

Whether you are looking for a bedroom or a tent in the fairy-lit garden, is the perfect place to watch a magnificent Indian sunrise. The local forest and local cinematic landscapes provide the perfect setting to relax your soul. The hostel dogs are also constantly on the lookout for those who really need a little pampering!

Also, who has NOT dreamed of venturing out to Borneo ?! Second, during this adventure, wouldn’t it be great if there was a hostel that offered jungle trekking, and reflexology in their personal spa? An inn nestled in a tropical rainforest, just steps from animal sanctuaries and beautiful lagoons?

Here’s another one for you!

Stay at a hostel in the wildest parts of Uruguay where you can find a huge colony of sea lions, with no wifi or electricity, and plenty of interesting things to explore. Lobo Hostel Bar is the perfect place to meet other travelers and disconnect from the modern world in an immersive experience in nature.

5. The Snow Monkey Lifestyle -

Traditional and beautiful, [Yudanaka SeifuSo]( is a Japanese guest house dating back to 1860. One of the most unique places in the world to stay: the surrounding nature is a legend. Maybe you’ve heard of the local snow monkeys who love to bathe in natural hot springs? The hostel is a comfortable upper level, with four different types of bath, tea, and electric blankets.

6. Tree House -

Channel your inner Peter Pan into the incredible Kadir’s Tree House in Turkey. The wooden hostel itself has an indoor nightclub, three bars, and their beloved pizzeria, as well as super easy access to all the outdoor adventures you can think of. It is certainly one of the most unusual places on the list.

7. Going back into history! -

Channel your inner Peter Pan into the incredible Kadir’s Tree House in Turkey. The wooden hostel itself has an indoor nightclub, three bars, and their beloved pizzeria, as well as super easy access to all the outdoor adventures you can think of.

Perhaps on an unusual theme with decor reminiscent of WWI, the Franz Ferdinand hostel is the top rated hostel in Sarajevo! Free breakfast? Check it out! Exceptional location? Yes ! Security ? At the top ! It is certainly one of the most unusual places on the list.

8. Living like the hobbits! -

Are you looking for a room with a view? Say hello to Pucón! Here you can choose between a treehouse with lake view or a “hobbit style” double room in the garden. Just take a look at the Chili Kiwi Lakefront. You are in for the time of your lives!

9. Multiple bars and Terraces -

Croatia has a fantastic atmosphere and definitely knows how to fill their hostels with it. Swanky Mint is a former 19th-century textile factory right in the middle of Zagreb’s old town. The bar is out of the chain, with a welcome hit of “rakija” passed out on arrival, three terraces and a brand new swimming pool. In addition, the breakfast is from another world: burek (traditional sweets), waffles, Nutella, fruits, croissants and freshly brewed coffee.

10. Solo Travelers Paradise -

Perfect for solo travelers. Perfect for groups. Whatever your travel assignment, Superbude is what you’ve been waiting for. The rooms are amazing, as is the St. Pauli Kitchen Club, which serves organic and fair trade teas, muesli, cornflakes, bread, local meats and cheeses, fresh fruit and Superbude waffles.

Well and that’s about it. Pretty sure you must be going crazy browsing through these hostels and checking for flights and tickets to book and experience them. Hope this list definitely kicked the travel bug in you!

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