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First impression matter: 13 ways to guest greetings

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Kajal Makhija

First impression matter: 13 ways to guest greetings

Kajal Makhija
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Blog highlights

  • Creating a positive and memorable guest experience starts with the initial greeting.
  • It's important for hotel staff to have the right knowledge and skills to effectively greet and engage with guests.
  • Every guest interaction should be treated as foundational to their entire stay.
  • Providing exceptional customer service is crucial for building a loyal customer base.

Do our hospitality teams actually know what to say and what to do? Are we missing some key touchpoints that could result in mediocre surveys or, worse, bad reviews?

Have you ever been at a loss for words when attempting to introduce a guest? Do you desire to establish an inviting environment from the outset, paving the way for delightful conversations and meaningful relationships? We have compiled a list of thirteen brilliant methods to turn those first interactions into memorable moments.

This blog will examine a variety of techniques, ranging from traditional and time-honored approaches to novel and unexpected methods, all of which are designed to make your guests feel special and valued. Each hotel greeting design has its own charm and individuality, guaranteeing that you can find the ideal card for any occasion.

Whether you are hosting a casual gathering, organizing a professional event, or welcoming visitors into your home, you should never underestimate the power of a thoughtful hotel greeting. These initial moments establish the groundwork for productive conversations, fostering an environment in which individuals feel at ease and involved.

What is a guest greeting? 

Guest greeting

The value of a good first impression cannot be overstated. First impressions last, and it's tough to sway someone's view after they've formed one.

That's why hotels need to make sure their guests feel welcome and leave with a positive impression. Everything from the staff's attire to the speed with which guests are greeted to the greeting's tone and manners can make or break a visitor's impression of the establishment. to make a more favorable first impression.

This means that hotels should prioritize providing a friendly welcome message for guests in the hotel and paying close attention to the overall impression they give.

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Importance of hotel greetings

Remember that first impressions last, so create a good one. It's like going on a date: if you walk up with a dirty, torn shirt and bad breath, you probably won't get a second chance.

The same is true of the hotels we offer. If we can impress them the first time around, they will return again and again. If we do a good job of welcoming guests and making them feel welcome, they will likely overlook minor imperfections.

Be sure to treat this initial interaction with guests as foundational to their whole stay at the hotel. You should begin by locating a relevant contact, asking pertinent questions, or providing information that they are likely to find useful, such as the location of key hotel amenities. Be polite even when you're swamped, and let customers know how long it will be until you can assist them.

An integral aspect of delivering a first-rate hotel experience is setting and meeting reasonable expectations. A hotel's online and offline reputation might greatly benefit from staff members who go out of their way to make customers feel welcome and appreciated. If you want to build a loyal customer base, the first point of contact is crucial.

What not to do when greeting hotel guests

How to greet a customer is very important, and while doing so, the hotel staff must be ready with a good speech for welcoming guests. When welcoming guests, hotel staff should avoid the following:


During the check-in procedure, your hotel personnel must concentrate on the guest at hand. This will prevent your guest from feeling ignored, uncomfortable, or neglected.

Rush the guest

While it is essential for hotel staff to be efficient, they should not rush the guest during check-in. They should take the time to ensure that the guest has all the necessary information and answer any concerns.

Assuming visitor preferences

Avoid making assumptions about the guest's preferences or requirements. They should inquire about the guest's preferences and do everything possible to accommodate them.

Risk a guest's safety

In order to safeguard the guest's privacy and safety, hotel staff should avoid announcing the room number aloud. This is because there may be other guests or visitors nearby who could potentially use the room number to obtain unauthorized access to the guest's room if they overhear it.

Ignore guests

Always acknowledge and make visitors feel welcome upon their arrival. Ignoring visitors can make them feel unwelcome and create a negative impression.

Use inappropriate language or gestures

Maintain a courteous and professional attitude when interacting with visitors. Avoid using offensive language and inappropriate gestures that may offend or unnerve your visitors.

Maintain boundaries

While it is important to be cordial and accommodating, it is also essential to maintain appropriate personal boundaries. Avoid being overly familiar or intrusive with your visitors in conversation and physical contact.

Not providing necessary information

Guests anticipate receiving important information upon arrival, including check-in and check-out times, Wi-Fi information, hotel amenities, and any pertinent policies. Ensure that this information is provided in a clear and proactive manner to avoid any confusion or inconvenience for visitors.

Disregard guest requests or complaints

Actively attend to guest requests and complaints, then take the appropriate action. Negative experiences and reputational damage can result from ignoring or dismissing visitors' concerns.

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Ways to greet hotel guests

Nearly 9 out of 10 visitors desire personalized experiences during their stays.

Establish eye contact

One of the first (and arguably most important) practices in hotel greeting guests is establishing eye contact. This form of non-verbal communication helps the guest feel recognized even if you are tied up on the phone or engaged in other activities.

Simply look them in the eyes, and signal to them that you have seen them and will be right with them. Make sure to look them in the eye when you engage with guests for the first time, as eye contact will indeed go a long way in establishing a connection from the get-go.

Dress to impress

Having a dress code for staff gives off a clean and put-together impression. This is the first thing guests see, and it shows that your hotel is professional.

A good dress code can be wearing black blazers with a white button-down or all-black. This also helps differentiate staff from guests so that guests can easily spot a staff member for any questions or concerns they may have.

Be answerable to all questions

When you welcome new guests, make sure to answer their most common questions and doubts, and you must prepare a welcome message for guests in the hotel. Guests will be relaxed and at ease if they feel like you are on the same wavelength. Providing a virtual concierge is a great way to ensure your customers’ needs are met every time they contact you.

A smile goes a long way

A smile is worth a thousand words. They say smiling often not only gives off a good impression of you, but it also makes you feel good! Encourage your staff to smile often. Smiling staff make them more approachable and inviting. It gives off positive energy and sets a good tone for their first impression.

Be ready to help

Always offer help and suggestions for your guests, whether they ask or not

Asking if they would like recommendations for activities, help with their luggage, tips for restaurants, or anything else is a great way to label your hotel brand as friendly, helpful, and approachable.

It is also important to offer this help without any negativity. If the guest asks you many questions, or the same question over and over again, reply with patience and understanding every time.

Be cordial, even if you’re busy

Due to the fast-paced nature of the hospitality industry, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, you shouldn’t let stress get the best of you, and most importantly, you can’t let it reflect on your guests. Make sure to be cordial to the guests, even if you’re busy, and let them know that you’ll try to get to them as soon as possible. By doing so, they will feel reassured and are less likely to mind the wait.

Make efforts to make guests feel special

Make guests feel special. Do the extra work of knowing if it’s their birthday, honeymoon, wedding weekend, or any other special occasion. Offer them a special treat, an upgrade, or an offer accordingly. This will make your guests feel seen and special, leaving a lasting good impression.

Free drink coupons, gift baskets, anniversary cakes, birthday cards, more towels, or room amenities—make them feel extra special. Complimentary upgrade, free breakfast, additional night stay comped, and short welcome notes for guests.

Provide accurate wait times

According to a Deloitte survey, hotel guests are 40% more likely to share a positive experience if their problem is resolved promptly. 

You may be busy, but you should never be too busy to let the customer know how long you need before you can attend to them. By providing accurate wait times, guests will not get frustrated by having to wait, and they can even get a more realistic picture if they have time to do other things, such as get information from the concierge or go to the bathroom while they wait for help. Communication is key to reassuring your clients and making sure they know that you care.

Give prompt directions (Google Maps)

To help your guests get around, it's a good idea to supply them with printed instructions, maps, and information on how to get there through public transportation. This kind of action demonstrates that you value their time and happiness. You can attach this to the hotel guest's welcome letter with a short welcome note for the guest.

Provide attractive Discounts and Coupons 

Work with and collaborate with local area restaurants, shops, and attractions to offer guests exclusive deals and discounts. This not only improves their stay but also inspires them to discover more of the area. While you greet and welcome the guest at your hotel, you can offer beneficiary discounts and coupons along with the hotel welcome letter.

A Welcome Package can go a long way

Collect information about useful places, including restaurants, banks, ATMs, post offices, grocery stores, and more, to create a thorough welcome guide. Your visitors will be able to explore the area with the help of this helpful guide.

Welcome Drink

Serve a customized welcome cocktail or fruit-infused water in chilled glasses to guests as they arrive. In the event that the customer is tired or thirsty from all the travel and must wait for the check-in process, a welcome drink can be a great option.

Local delicacy

As a sign of hospitality, offer a small dish of regional specialties to your guests to sample the area's unique cuisine. A great gesture like this is an unusual way to greet hotel guests, as no one would have expected it. 

Tour Suggestions 

Provide guests with a customized list of suggestions for things to do, places to eat, and hidden gems in the area. With this insider information, they'll be able to experience the destination like a true native.

Welcome Display message

When guests first switch on the television in their room, a custom welcome message can be displayed on the screen. The person's name and a friendly greeting can be included. The experience will leave a lasting impression on them and may encourage them to return in the future. 

Fresh flowers or scents in Lobby

Scent the hotel lobby with a pleasant and unique aroma to create a warm and inviting space that will leave a positive impression on guests. Recharging the customers' mood will allow them to relax a little bit and enjoy their stay.

What exactly are you waiting for? Use these important things to create a wonderful, warm welcome and generate a positive first impression as well as a lasting bond with your guests. Craft a personalized hotel guest welcome letter with different phrases for welcoming guests and making a lasting impression. 

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Right versus wrong hospitality words

Words are strong tools. We rely on them frequently to determine the success or failure of any endeavor. What we say has a significant effect on how others see us and our achievements. It is essential that we develop the practice of using appropriate language when interacting with our guests.

These are our four "must-dos" for creating great impressions and some welcoming script:

  • A cordial hotel greeting, such as "Hi, Welcome to Our Hotel" or "Good Afternoon, Welcome to the Beach." Are you a first-time visitor to our city?"
  • Stand up! - Get up from your seat and look presentable (iron your shirt)
  • Maintain Eye contact. Eye contact generates sentiments of concern, reliability, and likeability.
  • It is true that a smile is contagious, as the saying goes. When we smile, a charge is generated that activates the brain's pleasure center.

Don't, while making your first great impression, and here are some welcoming scripts: 

  • "We cannot do that," as opposed to "Please allow me to find a solution."
  • "We're sold out" vs. "Our hotel is fully booked tonight; may I assist you in finding nearby accommodations?"
  • "It's our policy" versus "Let me see how I can help you with this."
  • "You cannot do that" versus "Here are some alternatives for you to..."
  • "We don't have that in stock" versus "Let me check our inventory to see if we have a suitable alternative."
  • "That's not our responsibility" vs. "Although it's not directly within our scope, let me connect you with the right person who can assist you."
  • "I can't assist you with that" versus "I'm committed to finding a solution for you. Permit me a moment to consider the alternatives."
  • The difference between "We cannot make exceptions" and "Our standard policy is X, but let me see if there are any flexibility or alternative options we can explore."
  • "I'm too occupied right now" versus "I'm sorry for the delay. We appreciate your forbearance. I will see you momentarily."
  • While there are restrictions in place, let's collaborate to find a solution that suits your needs.
  • "We're short-staffed" vs. "We're committed to providing you with excellent service despite the current situation." Please tell us how we can help you."
  • "We are unable to accommodate your request" vs. "We will do our best to make accommodations that meet your needs."
  • "Sorry, I'm too occupied" versus "I'm sorry for the delay. Your request is crucial, and I will prioritize assisting you as quickly as possible."

Hotel welcome and greeting scripts to follow

Sample script for a guest arrival

Hotel Receptionist: Good morning, and welcome to the Hotel. How may I assist you today?

Guest: Hi, I have a reservation under the name [Guest's Name].

Hotel Receptionist: Wonderful. May I please have your reservation details?

Guest: [Provides details]

Hotel Receptionist: I appreciate it. We have reserved [Room Type] for [Number of Nights].

[The receptionist can describe the hotel's facilities, check-in and check-out times, and any other pertinent information.]

Hotel Receptionist: Here is your key card to your room. The staff member will help you find the room. 

Sample script for when a guest arrives early

Hotel Receptionist: Good morning, and welcome to the Hotel. How may I assist you today?

Guest: Hi, I'm sorry, I’m a bit early. Can I check in now?

Hotel Receptionist: Absolutely not an issue! Let me see if your room is all setup. Please provide your full name and the details of your reservation.

Guest: [Provides details]

Hotel Receptionist: I appreciate it. It will be another hour until your room is ready, but in the, feel free to enjoy our spa and dining options. In addition, we'd like to treat you to a free drink in our bar. If there is anything we can do for you during your stay, please let us know.

Sample script for greeting a guest with a pet

Hotel Receptionist: Good morning, and welcome to the Hotel. Can you please provide me with your name and reservation details?

Guest: [Provides details]

Hotel Receptionist: We appreciate you staying with us. I notice you're traveling with a furry companion. Could you please tell me a little bit about your pet?

Guest: [Provides details]

Hotel Receptionist: Great! We are pleased to have your companion with you. We have special amenities for your furry companion and a list of local attractions that are pet-friendly. Please let us know if you have any additional needs.

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A visitor may travel to a destination for a variety of purposes, including business meetings, vacations, or simply to experience something new. No matter the reason for the trip, though, everyone needs a comfortable place to rest their head each night. 

The quality of the hotel and the service it provides are the top priorities for any visitor. Every hotel should prioritize providing excellent service. Staff members need to be taught good manners and how to interact with customers so that they can be welcoming the guest and helpful in greeting guests.

Each hotel should have its own unique strategy for welcoming and greeting guests in order to maximize the positive outcomes for both parties involved in the first point of contact.

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