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What goes to creating the prefect guest experience - Part 2

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Akshay Dekate

What goes to creating the prefect guest experience - Part 2

Akshay Dekate
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In the last blog, we discussed the pre-stay hacks and all things to be done before choosing your destination.

Finally, you have made it to your destination and you are ready to relax. But before you just kick your shoes off, here are a couple of things you should do before entering your hotel room.
Enjoy Your Stay, But before that, You Must Check For Some Things The Moment You Step In :

Make Sure Your Door Locks Properly

  1. Get the key(s).
    Key is electronic today, but some hotels still have old metal keys, sometimes necessary to run the electricity of your room. Take note if you are expected to leave the key at the front desk, which can be a standard procedure if there is only one.
  2. Door lock
    Guest tend to assume that hotel rooms will just lock behind them. Well, don’t assume such, test it out yourself. Try stepping out and closing the door, and see if the door locks properly. One more thing: Remember to always lock the clog when you are in your room!



While hotel rooms are cleaned and wiped down in between guests, certain surfaces are not cleaned. To ensure that your room is neat, clean, and well looked after come prepared with some germ-destroying wipes and spray and take matters into your own hands. Spray down the headboard and the toilet while you are at it.


Even if you don’t feel the need to update your friends and family, you may need the Wi-Fi to check your travel confirmations or find information on that museum you are planning to visit. Make sure it works and it is secured, which usually means it requires a password to access(eg. your last name and room number). To add another layer of security, we recommend that you use a VPN when going online.
If the connection lagging badly or not working at all, you can always ask reception to check. Sometimes you just have to restart a modem to fix this.

Electrical outlet

Traveling is fine until you realize that the electrical sockets in the room are incompatible with your plugs, even when you are checking into a 5-star hotel. Sometimes hotel staff will be happy to lend you theirs if they have them but always carry your own.


Depending on the type of your room, you have to adjust your expectation of the tools and toiletries provided by the hotel. Always be prepared and carry your own kind of stuff. But, if you are promised certain products upon booking and they are not there, you can always ask at the Reception.

Take note of hotel amenities:

At the time of check-in please note the place and time of breakfast, lounges, bars, restaurants, gym, and spa facilities to make your stay comfortable.

Get a tourist handbook

Get an easy-to-read booklet containing information about the famous tourist spots, local maps, nearby restaurants, and sightseeing packages. This will help you to get familiar with the city and they will value your thoughtfulnesss.

Unpack and make yourself at home!

Unpack your bags and feel comfortable and enjoy your stay!

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