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What goes to creating the prefect guest experience - Part 3

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Akshay Dekate

What goes to creating the prefect guest experience - Part 3

Akshay Dekate
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In the last blog, we discussed the pre-stay hacks to be done during your stay

Now let’s discuss the last and important part of Guest Experience, in which you can share your experience during the stay and share your valuable feedback.

Finally — you’ve made it to your destination and you have stayed at your hotel. But now, it’s time to leave!

Let’s Check out from the hotel and share our feedback regarding your stay at the hotel Reception

At the reception, you will receive a feedback form, from a front desk executive, in which you can share your experience.

In the feedback form, there will be certain questions regarding your stay for example :

Here you can submit your review, whatever you like, and also share feedback if some services need to change or should be better in the future.

You may share the feedback about yourself, the purpose for your travel, and with whom you have traveled(i.e Business, Family, friends).

It’s good to be polite while writing the review about the hotel staff or executive who have attended you while you stay, honest, detailed and specified while giving your reviews.

You can also share your feedback and experience on Hotel booking and review websites like, Expedia,, Google, and on social media too. Also, you can share the photos of the hotel room and amenities and explain them to get more engagement on your reviews.

Don’t forget to give the information regarding your location such as any major attractions nearby the hotel and distance for the airport, you may also inform if taking a taxi from your hotel location is expensive or cheap and also you can share the alternative if you have tried.

Also, nearby major attractions like shopping places or famous dining or nightclubs(if you are a party person) and also the tourist place or activities like a Theme Park, Best Camping places, Water Sports, etc.

Hence, Guest experience in hotels is becoming more and more important because it’s not always ‘staying in a hotel’ but rather stimulating emotions as a part of the general hotel experience (from pre-stay to post-stay). Guest experience is that the interaction between the hotel and their guest. It’s a mix of the hotel’s communication, its physical space, the senses it’d stimulate, the emotions it evokes; all of which are then measured against the Guest expectations across the memorable moments of contact.

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