What is a Hotel Ancillary?

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Puja Bhosale

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A hotel ancillary refers to a supplemental product or services that a hospitality brand might sell in addition to its “core” hotel experience, which is staying in a room.
The word “ancillary” has a variety of meanings for different sectors of the travel industry. In fact, the dictionary defines an ancillary in broad terms, describing it as “something that functions in a supplementary or supporting role.

What key challenges do hotel guests face most?

  • Long wait lines for check-in and check-out or delayed Information
  • Slow responses to Enquiries
  • Lack of available information on Recommendations
  • Language Barriers
  • No Personalized hotel rooms

What hotels need is a single unified solution that will:

  • Create unique customer experiences
  • Increase revenues,
  • Drive operational efficiency & reduce costs

There are several categories of ancillary products and services that fall under this definition:

Room Upgrade:

The process of putting a guest into a better room than they are paying for is referred to as “upgrading” the guest. Upgrades may occur for a variety of reasons but they will inevitably mean that the hotel does not achieve the maximum revenue for the rooms that are occupied on that night.

On-site services:

Access to the hotel spa, golf, or fitness services


The Food Service and Hospitality pathway focus on the key aspects of the industry. These different segments provide unique experiences for customers and guests, and they offer a wealth of career options for those seeking a career in food and beverage.


The desk or office that books rooms for people and answers their questions.

Laundry Services :

A laundry service is a service in a hotel that washes and irons clothes for guests. Almost all hotels have a laundry service. If you hand in clothes one day you should get on them back a day or two later. The laundry service will wash, dry, and iron your clothes

Conclusion :

Ancillary services help provide customers with from a local travel experience to keyless entry, hotels are pressed to deliver better, faster, and further.

For hotels, to achieve a seamless and connected experience means to power and unify data-on-demand, entertainment-on-demand and experiences-on-demand for the guest. While hotels concentrate on engaging with the guest, they often miss engaging with their data and deriving insights that make the difference.

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