What is Glamping and why is being loved amongst travelers?

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Ciboni Vaz

What is Glamping and why is being loved amongst travelers?

Ciboni Vaz
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Glamping, “short for” glamorous camping “is exactly what the name says! Camping with a lot of comfort.

Glamping is designed for those of us who love the idea of ​​camping and back to nature, but don’t like sleeping on the cold hard ground and leaving a “real” bathroom behind. Many hardened campers scoff at the idea of ​​glamping. This is not real camping. that’s right, it’s not “real” camping — it’s camping with all the annoying parts removed and replaced with modern magic and great amenities.

When you go glamping, everything is ready before you reach your campsite, from the tent to the bed, the lights and the food. the car and jump straight into your tent.

So Why Glamping?

Although the idea of ​​”glamping” has been around for quite a while, modern glamping as we know it has only been around for a few years. In those few years, it’s completely taken the world by a storm. So if you want to try the luxurious unusual and make your friends back home jealous, glamping definitely should be on your wishlist. Now there are different types of Glamping as well! Interesting isn’t it? Let’s read about them, shall we?

1. The Normal One -

This is the most common type of glamping you will experience out there. Everything you get will be quite standard, such as; a queen-size bed, breakfast with a picnic basket, phone charger and also a shared bathroom.

2. The City One -

Not all glamping programs take place in the middle of nowhere. Some glamping companies have started to offer glamping on the roofs of certain buildings in big cities. The perfect way to end a good night out on the town as long as you don’t mind swapping real turf for artificial turf!

3. The Experience-Based One -

Have you ever dreamt of camping in absolute luxury in the middle of an open-air zoo? Well, if that sounds like your cup of tea, experience-based glamping is for you. The options of providers offering unique overnight adventure packages for those who want to do something out of the ordinary are available in plenty out there!

Perks of Glamping!

No setup, no package: that’s right, you just have to go wild, do some damage (but not too much), then come home. No installation in the dark or in the rain. Just you and your tent ready to go. Breakfast is served: most glamping providers will offer a free picnic basket for breakfast to stay with them. Not only is this one less meal to worry about planning, it’s also usually packed with delicious local produce ready to be turned into your perfect breakfast.

Boosted: If your phone’s battery lasts as long as the Pavlova you designed for Family Christmas, you’ll need access to power to keep it charged. While glamping, most vendors offer power outlets for your phones and other devices, meaning you no longer need to ration your phone battery at the spacious mansion which is a glamping tent. first time. Sleep like a baby: One of the defining aspects of glamping is what you sleep on.

When camping you will often find yourself on a roll-up mattress or if you are really lucky on an air mattress. In glamping, on the other hand, you’ll be pampered with a full-size innerspring mattress like the one you have at home. Best of all, all linens, pillows and blankets are also provided. stay, you will have full access to local facilities. This may include barbecues, toilets, fireplaces and an open front desk ready to help you during your stay.

One with nature: Even if you live in luxury, this does not mean not to say that you are not in a natural habitat Many glamping sites offer unique experiences in the heart of nature, some of which cannot be achieved through “traditional” camping.

And there you have it! Hope this article not just explains but also gets you super excited about the wonderful concept of Glamping!

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