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What is up with Quoality — Web Check-in

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Ciboni Vaz

What is up with Quoality — Web Check-in

Ciboni Vaz
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Quoality is a hospitality revenue acceleration platform. We’re constantly pushing ancillary services like hotels and hostels to generate more revenue by selling their ancillary services.

Providing businesses with a 4 fold ROI.

  • Better Engagement
  • Guest Satisfaction
  • Guest Loyalty
  • Additional Revenue.

With personalized Services placement and automated notifications across WhatsApp, SMS, and Emails businesses can engage proactively and sell more to maximize revenue.

In this blog, we give you a run-through of our new Web check-in feature.

Web Check-in is a highly beneficial feature to have to smoothen out various operations of a hotel or hostel and it is a super easy tool to implement. With technology on the rise and everything being digitized, this feature ensures maximum safety for the guests and workers with several benefits.

Having this feature has many pros that greatly add to the business.

  • Lesser contacts with higher security
  • Organizing reception work and reduces queues
  • Enhances guest experience and services
  • Increases guest awareness
  • Promotes and pushes upselling of services

The video linked above is a demonstration of our web check-in feature of the Quoality App. It includes the entire journey of your web check-in process. From the time of your booking to the completion of the entire check-in process.

Check out the video above for the complete run-through of our new feature!

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