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Why Hotel Owners Prioritize Employee Satisfaction and Happiness?

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Ciboni Vaz

Why Hotel Owners Prioritize Employee Satisfaction and Happiness?

Ciboni Vaz
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Employee satisfaction is absolutely essential in any business. As an owner of a hotel, you’re assigned to manage a staff that is responsible for providing your guests with a satisfying experience at your property. It is really important to make sure that your employees are on board with your business motto and put the guests’ happiness before everything else.

What impact does a happy employee have on your business?

There is enough proof out there to support the fact that a happy employee is more likely to keep the guest happy at all times and draw them more towards your business compared to an unhappy employee. As they say, a happy employee is a proud employee and a proud employee will deliver better service.

Satisfied employees are more productive and creative compared to the ones that aren’t. And it completely makes sense. Just like yawning, happiness is contagious as well! So now coming to the question. How do you keep your employees happy?

How do you foster a happy work environment in your business? Let’s read about it below.

1) Create a fun environment -

Firstly, this doesn’t mean you keep throwing staff parties or arranging staff outings every now and then. It is important but only once in a while. The most important thing is to create a harmonious environment where your employees enjoy working together. Also, make sure there’s room for opportunities for the entire team to bond and build friendly and comfortable relationships.

2) Show Your Support To Your Employees -

Communication. Interacting with your employees often with constant check-ins and hands-on advice will assure your employees that you are there to support them and help them in need. This helps with task completion and upskilling and also provides a sense of security that there is a progress map in their hospitality career.

3) Awarding rewards and recognition -

It is natural for everyone wanting to know whether they’re making a difference or are they doing something meaningful. Share your business results with your employees and let them know about the stats and data of the business’ progress. If individuals excel in their duties, make sure to provide them with feedback and acknowledge them with a “well done”. This will surely boost their confidence and morale.

4) Give them room for improvement -

Your employees can get very demotivated when they start feeling like they are being held back. If you’re using outdated technology or painfully slow backup software, you must really consider investing in new tools and upgrades. Your employees will be more than happy and efficient and your guests will be less affected as well.

5) Hold Your Employees Accountable -

Now, it is not just about creating a strong and positive work culture in your business. You just can’t keep going on making everyone happy and inspiring them to outdo themselves. It is necessary to make sure everyone is on board with their roles and responsibilities and provide them with negative feedback. Make sure they understand the impact and the consequences that are caused because of certain actions.

And there we have it! These are a few tips to build a great work environment and ensure employee satisfaction. Hope these points help your business and provide clarity in better functioning. Creating a happy environment will not just keep your employees happy but will also ensure their stay for a long term!

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