Why Travellers Must Go For Hostels?

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Akshay Dekate

Why Travellers Must Go For Hostels?

Akshay Dekate
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Why hostels?

Well, over time the world of housing changes too. These days, hostels often offer a far better experience than hotels. They are also cheaper. Sure, you could say it’s a big statement, but wait till you read this! Over the years, hostels have gained a bad rapport around people. Many of them who have never stayed in a hostel before often imagine that these are run-down and dirty places overrun with young beatniks. Not a nice picture to visualize!

In fact, there is a wide variety of excellent hostels to accommodate all types of people, and hostels have overtaken hotels as their popularity increasingly grows. Hostels are like a paradise, a haven for travelers Social, fun and a perfect affordable alternative to hotels. So what about hostels, what makes them so special? Let’s find out. Here are a few reasons why we think hostels are pretty awesome!

1. Open For All! -

A lot of people often wonder that hostels are still specifically reserved for students only, who wish to travel around the country with a backpack, camera, and a set of headphones. Well, welcome to the 21st century. Everyone can stay in a hostel! At the average hostel, you can meet everyone from a traveler who has just got back from high school to a gray-haired old man living in his golden years.

Hostels are not just for tourists. Some people stay long-term for business, missions, or study abroad. Lately, a lot more families are also starting to opt for hostels. Although laws generally prohibit children and adolescents from being alone, many homes accept minors when accompanied by an adult. Guess what: pets and long-term+ hostel living are also allowed these days! While some hostels still have a young poping vibe, they also accept travelers from everywhere, no matter how old.

2. Best Option For Last-Minute Plans -

If you book a hotel in a short period of time, you may have to pay a “convenience” rate that is not very good for your pocket. On the other hand, you will always get a good deal at a hostel and most will even agree to walk! It’s also common for a small, family-run inn to lower its prices towards the end of the day. do not book In fact, hostels generally refrain from posting some of their beds specifically reserved for walking, but if you are traveling in high season, it is probably advisable to book at least a few days in advance. Hostels are also more understanding of the weary traveler and will be more than happy to provide advice and directions to an alternative hostel, if fully booked.

3. Super Convenient and Comfortable-

Hostels are usually only found in tourist towns, so you can expect to be within walking distance of most attractions. This means saving on local transport! Some hostels even offer bike rentals or shuttle services to places where you can’t walk. Hostels almost always have a kitchen where you can store and prepare your own food. If you are lucky, there may be an on-site restaurant or communal dinners organized. Another advantage is that hostels are usually found in suburban areas or off the main roads. That way, you’ll still be close to all the action, but you can sleep somewhere where you can’t hear bar music and sirens all night long. Of course, unless you choose a hostel to party on purpose!

4. Live Like One Of The Locals -

The hostel staff are often globetrotters themselves and will be happy to share the best of their city. Plus, you’ll have a cultural experience that can only be done in a hostel. It is not uncommon to stay in a hostel where there are more foreigners than citizens. to share your country while others tell you about theirs. This is a great way to get travel tips for future trips! and to show the importance of living in a hostel; to unite worlds; school or just to travel, but when the day is over it’s fun to spend the evening with the hostel neighbors. Hey, maybe you are there as a volunteer in the hostel? better to stay longer and really immerse yourself. The same can never be said of a hotel!

5. Cool Vibe! -

The atmosphere is generally different from what you would find in a hotel. Most people are also there to connect with others and meet travelers, and the common spaces are really social and different (in a good way). Some hostels are really party hostels, but most are much more laid back. Be sure to read a few reviews to find out what type of hostel you are booking and avoid the ones you don’t want. Finally, another really cool aspect of hostels is how unique each one is. usually, they will try to incorporate elements of the local culture and represent the city in which they are located. Hostels are inherently local, which means that you won’t find two that are alike and you will truly feel part of the city.

And that’s all about for now! These are some of the few reasons why hostels are super awesome and if you still don’t believe it, book one yourself and try it.

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