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What is Unified Checkin
Quoality's FRRO Form C integration provides hoteliers with a hassle-free & efficient solution for checking in both Indian & foreign guests through a single form.

This integration simplifies the check-in process by streamlining the documentation required for FRRO compliance. Offer contactless check in while saving time & effort with our hotel check in software to seamlessly handle the necessary procedures for both Indian & foreign guests.
Guest receives a secure link
Our ML algorithm identifies foreign nationals among your guests & automatically sends them a unified contactless check in form that specifically requests only the minimum required details for FRRO Form C compliance.

On average, each foreign guest saves approximately 10-15 minutes when filling out their form. By streamlining the data collection process, Quoality ensures a quicker & more efficient check-in experience for your foreign guests.
Guest securely submit info
Foreign Guests submit the details before arriving at your hotel or fill it at the hotel.

While traditional paper forms typically take around 15-20 minutes to complete, Quoality's unified FRRO online form can be filled out in just 8 minutes. This efficient & time-saving approach enhances guest satisfaction & eliminates the hassle of lengthy paperwork.
Quoality verifies the data
Quoality takes care of the verification process for guest FRRO Form C details & associated documents, ensuring accuracy & compliance. The verified information is securely stored in the cloud.

Free up your staff's time & enable them to focus on delivering an outstanding hospitality experience. Let your staff dedicate their valuable time to providing exceptional service, ensuring guest satisfaction & creating memorable experiences throughout their stay.
Submits data on FRRO portal
Quoality further simplifies the process by submitting the guest's Form C details the moment they check-in to your hotel.

The proof of submission is securely stored on the Quoality dashboard, providing easy access for future reference. Trust Quoality to simplify the process and provide a user-friendly solution for managing Form C details.

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Let's hear from some of our customers

Find out how customers from all kinds of hospitality segments achieve amazing outcomes with Quoality.
Testimonial Image

The key challenge we faced as a growing hostel chain was unanimous service & visibility across various hostels. With Quoality we could standardize 95% of our delivery protocols including upsell & ancillary sales. Real Time in stay feedback helped us improve the guest experience, add value to every stay and drive more positive reviews online.

Pranav Dangi

Founder & CEO, The Hosteller
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We at Pachar Group partnered with Quoality to serve each customer the way we would do with guests at our home, understand their unique needs, and ensure they are well taken care of. Quoality gives us the ability to monitor the success of each stay and make it memorable.

Kunwar Rajendra Singh

Managing Director, Pachar Group

Common questions when considering Quoality Unified Check-in

Why does my business need Quoality Web check-in?

Quoality Web Check-In offers a touchless and simplified guest journey experience from pre-arrival to check out. The entire operation is automated and cancels out human errors.

How is Quoality Web check-in beneficial to my guests?

Using our Web Check-In, your guests can check in from anywhere even before their arrival. They no more have to wait in lines or go through check-in formalities.

Does Quoality Web check-in help me anticipate no-shows/cancellations?

Quoality Web Check-in allows your staff to be aware of your guests arrival. Because of the automated registration, your staff could possibly anticipate whether a guest is about to cancel their stay or may not show up.

Can I modify Quoality Web check-in form?

You can modify your web check-in form according to the details you require from your guests.

Is Quoality Web check-in integrated with my PMS?

Yes. Quoality Web Check-in is integrated with your PMS. You can receive and manage all the data your guests provide during their web check-in.

Can I upsell to my guest after web check-in?

Yes. Once your guest has checked in through our web app, they get notified about offers, room upgrades and add-ons through WhatsApp push notifications, which they can avail it from anywhere.

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