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Payment Automation

With centralised payments and transactions, you can save time, decrease manual data entry, and prevent losses. Create automated processes, such as authorisations or pre-payments, with Quoality hotel payment solutions

Get paid anywhere, anytime, any where

Allow guests the choice and convenience of using their preferred payment method and currency.  Quoality's hotel payment processing system is secure and safe which removes your burden of regulatory compliance. Get paid with Instant Settlements from week 1

Secure and reliable payment processing you can trust.

Quoality's hotel payment processing works with all international security standards for credit cards and uses tokenization to ensure security from beginning to end. Using AI-powered fraud detection solutions reduces liability and increases card approval rates.

A Powerful Payment reporting dashboard to give you full control

Access and manage your ancillary payments, refunds and invoices in one place. With our hotel payment solutions get access to real-time data and insights to take informed business decisions. We understand that when it comes to managing payments, speed and ease of use is what matters. We've spent endless hours to make it a great experience for you.

A Powerful Payment reporting dashboard to give you full control

Offer guests a variety of payment options, including credit and debit cards, Internet banking, UPI, and wallets. We support over 92+ currencies worldwide with 99.99% hotel payment solutions success rate

We are more than software.

Your own dedicated Business Advisor makes sure you're using all the powerful tools in Quoality to smash your business goals.

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Common questions when considering Quoality Anicallary Menu

What does Quoality Payment do?

Quoality Payment ensures super easy, quick and safe payments through various channels while canceling out the revenue pilferages.

Why should I switch to Quoality Payments if I already have one?

Quoality Payments are 100% reliable. With platforms like Razorpay, WhatsApp and PayTM, your guests will always be ensured of secured transactions from anywhere they may be.

How secure are Quoality Payments?

Quoality Payments are safe. 100% secured. Your guests can complete all necessary transactions without having to worry about their money getting lost or experience failures.

What payment methods does Quoality support?

Quoality supports online payments. Through our web app, your guests can complete all transactions through secure platforms and gateways.

Can I accept international cards using Quoality Payment?

Yes, You can accept international cards to complete transactions using Quoality Payments.

How do I change my account email?

You can change the email address associated with your account by going to account from a laptop or desktop.

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