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Here’s why leading hostels choose Quoality

The resort hotel software from Quoality provides a wide variety of features that are especially created to meet the individual demands of each guest, enabling hoteliers to provide a unique and memorable guest experience.

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Guest communication

Our guest communication software facilitates easy guest communication, enabling hoteliers to stay in touch with their clients. Additionally, it helps hotels market their deals efficiently, leading to high conversion rates.

Digital concierge

Our all-inclusive hotel concierge software makes it easier to inform guests about the different extra services that resorts provide.


Use our hotel upselling technology to effectively promote extra services and amenities, resulting in a considerable boost in hotel income.

Review boost

Use our hotel feedback software to allow your visitors to offer insightful reviews, improving your resort's online reputation and eventually bringing in more visitors.

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Seamless guest communication

The guest communication software from Quoality streamlines and improves guest communication, making it efficient and effective.

Direct guest communication

In order to effectively communicate offers and information, hoteliers can now immediately contact their visitors through a variety of channels, including WhatsApp, email, and messaging. 

Centarlised communication hub 

With Quoality's guest communication software, you can manage all guest communication campaigns in one place without having to keep track of many accounts.

Canned quick responses

Avoid making your visitors wait for a response. Create an automatic answer system for frequently asked questions that will provide prompt responses to increase visitor satisfaction.

Sorted messages to relevant departments

Our software streamlines the handling of guest messages by classifying messages according to priority and pertinent departments. By ensuring that messages are swiftly forwarded to the proper department, this clever feature maximises communication effectiveness.

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Digital Concierge

Quoality’s digital concierge software is allowing hoteliers to offer a personalized guest experience.

Tailored guest experience

With the help of Quoality's digital concierge software, hotel staff can tailor each visitor's stay to suit their unique needs and tastes.

Personal assistant for guests

Provide your visitors with a devoted full-time assistant who can handle their service requirements and guarantee a smooth stay.

Provide local suggestions 

Give your visitors helpful advice and knowledge about nearby sites to enhance their experience and help them make lasting memories while they are visiting. 

Elevated guest satisfaction

Quoality's digital concierge software helps to guarantee a great experience, keeping your guests happy and satisfied. It does this by offering thorough support at every stage of their stay.

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Upsell your hotel offerings without any extra effort with our upselling software resulting in revenue generation.

Customize menu selection

Create menus that are catered to each guest's preferences, giving them a unique dining experience that suits their own likes and preferences.

Personalized offers

Deliver unique and tailored promotions to guests to increase their satisfaction and persuade them to take advantage of extra services or amenities.

Effortless order placement

Making order placement for visitors easier, more convenient, and user-friendly. This will boost productivity and boost customer happiness.

Boost revenue

You may increase revenue by successfully upselling and incentivizing visitors to spend more money while they are visiting by providing customised menus and promotions along with simple order placement.

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Hotel review Boost

Using our guest feedback system, you can now improve your hotel reviews

Guest review management

Now easily manage and keep an eye on customer reviews from a variety of sites, including social media, Google listings, and OTAs with the help of our hotel feedback system.

Automated review requests

Sending review requests to visitors automatically after their stay would streamline the process and save time while boosting the probability of getting positive feedback and reviews.

Guest feedback analysis

Use our tools to analyse customer feedback and reviews to learn vital information about your hotel's weak points and highlight its strong points.

Sentiment analysis

Use sentiment analysis tools to assess the general environment and opinion of your hotel based on customer feedback, enabling you to pinpoint service strengths and flaws.


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Common questions when considering Quoality Contactless Check-in

Why does my business need Quoality Web check-in?

Quoality Web Check-In offers a touchless and simplified guest journey experience from pre-arrival to check out. The entire operation is automated and cancels out human errors

How is Quoality Web check-in beneficial to my guests?

Using our Web Check-In, your guests can check in from anywhere even before their arrival. They no more have to wait in lines or go through check-in formalities.

Can I modify Quoality Web check-in form?

You can modify your web check-in form according to the details you require from your guests.

Is Quoality Web check-in integrated with my PMS?

Yes. Quoality Web Check-in is integrated with your PMS. You can receive and manage all the data your guests provide during their web check-in.

Does Quoality Web check-in help me anticipate no-shows/cancellations?

Quoality Web Check-in allows your staff to be aware of your guests arriving. Because of the automated registration, your staff could possibly anticipate whether a guest is about to cancel their stay or may not show up.

Can I upsell to my guest after web check-in?

Yes. Once your guest has checked in through our web app, they get notified about offers, room upgrades and add-ons through WhatsApp push notifications, which they can avail it from anywhere.

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